Lonely Lipinski explains his “NO” vote.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “Stupak” in the past couple of weeks, but I can’t say the same about the name “Lipinski.” Yet, Rep. Dan Lipinski of Illinois seems like exactly the kind of pro-life Democrat so many were hoping Rep. Bart Stupak would be. Lipinski voted against the health care reform bill, in part because of the life issues.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

It was rather lonely, yes,” Lipinski said… “But I could not vote for a bill that would change the status quo on funding for abortion.”

By voting “no,” Lipinski has put a target on his back for smears from the White House staffed by the guys from Chicago.

“There were aspects of the president’s package that I liked. Helping people get insurance, that sort of thing. But we weren’t really voting for health reform. We were voting for a bill that is financially unsustainable. And I couldn’t support that bill,” he said.

Lipinski was one of 34 Democrats who opposed the bill that ended up passing the House 219-212.  Lipinski, unlike Stupak, wasn’t convinced the executive order was good enough:

“People have asked me, ‘If it was good enough for Stupak, why wasn’t it good enough for you?'” Lipinski said. “The executive order most likely will be overturned by the federal courts. The order does not trump the law.”

Maybe pro-lifers have been lauding the wrong Democrat.



Zoe Romanowsky is writer, consultant, and coach. Her articles have appeared in "Catholic Digest," "Faith & Family," "National Catholic Register," "Our Sunday Visitor," "Urbanite," "Baltimore Eats," and Godspy.com. Zo

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