John Mackey is at it again

It’s almost as if WholeFood’s CEO John Mackey enjoys ticking off a large percentage of his customers. He was recently profiled in The New Yorker and said plainly that there was no consensus that climate change is mostly man-made:

…One of the books on the list was “Heaven and Earth: Global Warming–the Missing Science,” a skeptical take on climate change. Mackey told me that he agrees with the book’s assertion that, as he put it, “no scientific consensus exists” regarding the causes of climate change; he added, with a candor you could call bold or reckless, that it would be a pity to allow “hysteria about global warming” to cause us “to raise taxes and increase regulation, and in turn lower our standard of living and lead to an increase in poverty.” One would imagine that, on this score, many of his customers, to say nothing of most climate scientists, might disagree. He also said, “Historically, prosperity tends to correlate to warmer temperatures.” 

I think we’re going to see some smack-downs of John Mackey this week. The Huffington Post already posted a reaction by Waylon Lewis, founder of, who appreciates Mackey’s eclectic ways, but now feels lost:

I love that a libertarian entrepreneur with guts to speak his mind, a la Apple’s Jobs, is in charge of one of the greatest green success stories since…well, ever.

Still, as Al Gore said a year or so ago, the time for argument is past. There’s a clear consensus among scientists — 90% agree that Climate Change is significantly caused by human activities. 94% agree that it’s a real and present danger, not a far-off hypothetical fear for science fiction writers to have fun with.

If Climate Change were an “Evil” empire or terrorist group — and let’s not kid ourselves, it represents the possibility of a far more pervasive, lasting threat than either to all of us, and our precious economies  around the earth — we’d gird ourselves for war. We wouldn’t tolerate cynics. Support the troops!, we’d cry. It’s time for that same sense of pulling-together, of focus.

It’s time to go to War against Climate Change.

And if Mr. Mackey can’t get on board by this point, he should experience a little more censure. And I say that as a fan, and without pleasure. 

I suppose Lewis is at least respectful.    


Zoe Romanowsky


Zoe Romanowsky is writer, consultant, and coach. Her articles have appeared in "Catholic Digest," "Faith & Family," "National Catholic Register," "Our Sunday Visitor," "Urbanite," "Baltimore Eats," and Zo

  • Brendon

    The fact that Lewis can fall back on the same on song-and-dance about consensus after Climatequiddick demonstrates that “Climate Change” has always been about political power and social manipulation rather than about the truth of things.

  • RK

    I read the New Yorker article recently and aside from Mackey’s oddball, new age religious beliefs he’s an interesting character. Clearly an independent thinker, his skepticism about climate change is particularly threatening to leftists who hate not being able to claim Whole Foods as one of their sacred cows. His resistance to allowing employees to unionize sticks in the their craws too.

  • Irene lagan

    I also read the New Yorker article, and agree with RK that Mackey’s an odd character, independent thinker and seems to go against the grain of what’s politically correct. His views are climate change are not actually new or far from what many people think. Unfortunately climate change has become another hot button issue, buried in politics and emotional reaction vs fact.
    Mackey just seems clueless, or not to care about people’s reactions.

  • Rob H.

    If Climate Change were an

  • Christine

    Yay for the Mackey! He makes me feel better about my attempts of being a steward of the earth and not a person who needs a cudgel to do what is right.

    I try to support fair trade products and organic farming, because I think that if you treat the land well and you pay people good wages, you support the health and wealth of both the people and the earth.

    God made us stewards of the earth and entrusted us this land. We should care for it and we don’t have to believe all of the gobbeldygook that has very little scientific support to do this. Treat people fairly and try to do right be the earth by recycling and supporting trade that is not only good for the earth and others, but is good for you as well.

    I am glad he is not bowing to the finger-waggers of this world who find piety in the environmental religion that they have created. The elites talk about global warming, yet they own 10,000 feet mansions with swimming pools and water features. Their electric use alone for the heating, cooling and maintenance of these homes makes their use of their Toyota Priuses moot. Let’s not even talk about their vacations on private jets half way accross the world to stay at eco-lodges. Their lack of a “carbon footprint” at the eco lodge means nothing in comparison to the fuel they used on the private transportation.

    Their religion makes no sense – and this comes from a woman who owns a hybrid car!

  • Christine

    Ha ha. I made no sense in my last post and it is resplendent with typos.

    I hope you got my drift.

    Happy new year.

  • Ender