I once was LOST, and now I am found

Any other fans of LOST here?  Whad’ya think of last night’s finale?  I’m still mulling it over.  I found it moving (not surprising, given the emotional investment I have in the characters after following them for 6 years), but it sure didn’t resolve some loose threads – including some important ones, I thought:

When did “the man in black” move from a guy who just wanted to get off the Island to “an evil force” that had to be kept (“corked”) there?

What was Charles Widmore trying to do in the final season?

When Christian told Jack that he died, did that happen during the original crash of Oceanic 815, or at some point later?  Are we supposed to believe that the entire 6-season storyline was ALL a type of purgatory? 


Lots more to probe here, but since I may well be the only IC guy who’s followed this show, I’ll stop now and see if anyone joins in.


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