Friday Free-for-All: September 10

A few links to get the day rolling:

  • A federal appeals court is temporarily allowing government funding of embryonic stem cell research while it considers Judge Royce Lamberth’s decision last month that would ban it (saying it violates a Congressional law against funding embryo-destructive research).
  • Is it “silly” to be giving priests the honorary title of “monsignor” right now, when there are more serious problems facing the Church? Father Thomas McQuaid thinks so; he asked Cardinal George not to move ahead with his plan to petition Rome for the elevation of 40 priests, “calling it shameful in light of the economic situation we find ourselves in these days.”
  • The secular reviews of Stephen Hawking’s latest book haven’t been much better than the religious ones. From The Economist: “Professor Hawking and Mr Mlodinow regard a philosophical problem as something you knock off over a quick cup of tea after you have run out of Sudoku puzzles.”
  • The University of Baltimore has added a course on zombies to its English department. My lit degree is incomplete. (Thanks to reader Mark for bringing this lacuna to my attention.)
  • Somebody give Phil Davison the Republican nomination for Stark County treasurer before he has a stroke. You can’t say the guy isn’t…passionate.

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Margaret Cabaniss is the former managing editor of Crisis Magazine. She joined Crisis in 2002 after graduating from the University of the South with a degree in English Literature and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She now blogs at

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