Euthanasia in the Great White North

I know most of the talk today is probably going to be about the health care bill.  But I wanted to share a gem of an article written by David Warren, a contributing writer here at IC.  Mr. Warren takes up the topic of the euthanasia bill that is being debated in Ottowa’s House of Commons.  Here’s an excerpt from his piece, pointing out just how removed from reality our society has become, and how we’ve morphed in just a few generations from a people who once took it for granted that we care for our parents & grandparents in their infirmity:

The old have become a problem where they were once a resource — that included the moral resource they provide when we must care for them in their last season of adversity. We, in our turn, face an old age for which we are not prepared, because we have not had the opportunity to “rehearse” it, through our own care for the aged.

All have alike been barbarized by this development, which has made life cheap. The old, no longer confident that they are loved, themselves despair, from being a nuisance to others. And even the young, faced with adversity in a world that is friendless, take the message that life is cheap.

I see this discussion as related to our own national discussion on health care.  Especially now that it’s headed for nationalization, a cost-benefit analysis of treatments cannot be avoided, and sooner or later, assisted suicide will be suggested, then encouraged as a viable option for the sick, disabled or elderly.  Don’t think it can happen?  Tell that to Barbara Wagner in Oregon (where assisted suicide has been legal for 10 years), whose state-run health insurance refused to cover her cancer treatment but offered to pay for her doctor to kill her.


Read David’s entire piece here.  And gird your loins.


Jason is a practicing attorney and the Assistant Director for the International Task Force on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide. Epitomizing the maxim