Canadian glory, Roger Ebert, and a voodoo priest.

First: Way to go, Canada!

Much to the shame of my Canadian family, I’m a hockey dunce. But I watched my first game in 20 years yesterday — and wow, I picked a good one! Team U.S.A. looked broken-hearted after their loss, but they should hold their heads up. It was a close game. Silver isn’t gold, but it’s something.

*          *          *

Roger Ebert will be on Oprah tomorrow. It will be his first television appearance since losing the ability to speak, and he’ll participate using text-to-speech computer technology. In fact, he’ll debut his new computerized “voice,” which was assembled from recordings of his old film commentaries.

As a gossipy bonus: Oprah and Ebert are friends and actually dated briefly in the 1980s. 

*          *          *

Last week in Haiti, a group of Christians attacked some voodoo practitioners as they began a ceremony to honor earthquake victims. The Christians pelted them with rocks  and accused them of being responsible for the aftershocks of the earthquake. One man who described himself as the “supreme servitor of Voodoo” (the high priest) declared war on Christians because of the attack.

Get Religion has more here. What do you think — are Christians justified in using violence to stop Voodoo ceremonies? I say no; while I certainly understand the dangers of voodoo, the Christians should have taken a non-violent approach. This will only create more problems for everyone.

*          *          *

Is it my imagination or are major earthquakes more frequent lately? Coincidence? Scientific explanation? World really ending with the Mayan calendar? I’d like to know.

And may the Lord bless the people of Chile.  



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