Battles lines drawn in milk

One of the best examples of the battle between personal freedom and government regulation is the raw dairy issue.

More people are turning to raw dairy — often for health reasons — and because of this, we’re seeing more crackdowns by regulatory bodies. Just a few months ago, an Amish farmer not far from me was raided before dawn by the feds, who showed up with guns to look for raw dairy he might be selling.

The L.A. Times reported last month that Rawesome Food, an organic and raw foods store in L.A., was recently raided for the same thing. A video of the incident was obtained by Survive and Thrive TV, an independent company, and shows just how excessive and ridiculous things have become:

[video: 635×355]

The law is the law, of course. But seriously, raiding an organic food store with guns drawn? The government and Big Ag like to hide together behind the “keeping people safe” message because it sounds good — who can disagree with it? But the more I observe and learn, the more I’m convinced that this is primarily about control and money.


Zoe Romanowsky is writer, consultant, and coach. Her articles have appeared in "Catholic Digest," "Faith & Family," "National Catholic Register," "Our Sunday Visitor," "Urbanite," "Baltimore Eats," and Zo

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