Archdiocese of Chicago’s Sr. Baird Defends Obama as Pro-Choice

Sr. Anita Baird is the founder of the Office of Racial Justice at the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Sr. Baird was interviewed yesterday by Kathleen Gilbert for LifeSiteNews about the upcoming event honoring Fr. Michael Pfleger, a diocesan priest in Chicago who worked for the Obama campaign. 

Fr. Pfleger became infamous outside of Chicago for saying publicly that Obama was “the best thing to come along in politics since Bobby Kennedy.”

During the interview, Sr. Baird interrupted Gilbert to explain that Obama was not “pro-abortion, the President is pro-choice. I think they are two very different things.” 

Her explanation of the difference — there is no difference, in my opinion — and my comments can be found at

However, I did not include any links to Sr. Baird’s posts on the Archdiocesan blog, and, as it turns out, she is something of a firebrand herself, much like Fr. Pfleger. (Thanks to Anne Hendershott for alerting me to this!)

In this post on “post-racial America,” Sr. Baird claims that hate crimes immediately increased after the election of Obama:

It did not take long for us in the aftermath of the election to realize that for the majority of people of color in this nation nothing had changed, in fact, the election of a black man to the highest office in the land spurred an increase in hate crimes from the east coast to the west coast, on college campuses and in second grade classrooms. Racism continues to raise its ugly head of fear and hatred regardless of how much progress we have made as a nation.

The comment section under this post are particularly interesting.  The exchange between Sr. Baird and a man named Ed G. get rather, how shall we say, animated!



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