A Catholic confusion over health care

I have long been an admirer of Matthew Boudway’s writings. So I am mystified as to why he would call a federal policy that covers abortion but doesn’t subsdize it principled and ingenious. This must be a mistake.

Mark Stricherz


Mark Stricherz is the author of Why the Democrats Are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People's Party.

  • MargaretMN

    They all want to split the baby without killing it. They forget that Solomon’s great solution relied on the mothers actually NOT splitting the baby.

    If you cover abortion you subsidize it. If you subsidize it, you incentivize it. It’s really not that hard. People who make it more complicated are obfuscating to serve some other purposes.

  • Bill Sr.

    There is no confusion in trying to understanding this administration and the “social progress” policies they are frantically attempting to impose upon us with their versions of “social justice”.
    Once you understand Obama’s positions within the culture of corruption established in Washington and learn how to interpret his liberal progressive language you have the real transparency he promised us.
    For example

  • georgie-ann

    “They forget that Solomon’s great solution relied on the mothers actually NOT splitting the baby.”-MargaretMN

    it has been occurring to me just how de-valued mothers & motherhood have become in this modern age, and what you have just said there shows this again,…

    not only the poor babies themselves are unwanted & eliminated, but the mothers–who do not value their own children as being precious beyond measure (as those who did in Solomon’s day)–must not consider themselves as being worth much either as humans, females, mothers, family members,…what a strange price for women to pay resulting from “Women’s Lib,”…it looks like they’ve fallen right back into “sex object” mode, without realizing that that is what all this stupidity would add up to,…

  • Dave Mueller

    In a way, “covering” abortion without subsidizing it is even worse, it seems to me. This would cause people to commit mortal sins (at least sins with grave matter) by having to willingly opt in on abortion coverage.

  • Deal Hudson

    I’m still in Australia, and still jet-lagged, but the self-contradiction of this sentence from Boudway is obvious:

    “If the Senate can figure out a way to subsidize policies that cover abortion without actually paying for any abortions.”

    Need I point out if you “cover abortion” you are “paying” for them.

  • Brian Saint-Paul

    Matthew responded at Mark’s True/Slant blog page. Here it is:

    http://bit.ly/blJ5DQ%5DMark, I think I can set you straight.

    I didn