A big snow in Charm City

I’ve never seen this much snow in Maryland and I’ve lived here almost nine years. We had about two feet in Baltimore — our car was almost invisible under a pile of the white stuff, and everything was shut down. People are now digging out.

There’s something magical about a snowstorm in the city. Everything gets very quiet… the concrete is covered with a blanket of snow…. the Christmas lights reflect off the ice… and neighbors get more neighborly. (Someone shoveled our steps and sidewalk twice, without asking for anything.) 

Of course, being without the use of our car for a couple days is also a nice reminder of how easy it is to build community by just walking around our neighborhoods. That’s all it takes. 

In case you’re wondering, the shot above was taken at the top of Federal Hill Park, after some early evening sledding. We don’t actually own a sled, so I tried using a garbage bag. It wasn’t pretty.



Zoe Romanowsky is writer, consultant, and coach. Her articles have appeared in "Catholic Digest," "Faith & Family," "National Catholic Register," "Our Sunday Visitor," "Urbanite," "Baltimore Eats," and Godspy.com. Zo

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