Documentation: Mass on Students’ Day

Cartegena, Colombia June 8-9, 1983


Priest — Liberation and peace in the name of the Father of the oppressed and Jesus our Brother, for all those present here and for all of the People.

Response — Yes, let peace and liberation come for all the oppressed of our fatherland and the world.

P — May the Father of the People have compassion on our fatherland, may he give us the necessary strength to correct our errors and lead us along the path of peace and humanization.

R — That is our greatest wish.


P — Lord, liberation for your oppressed People. R — Lord, liberation for your oppressed People. P — Christ, liberation for your oppressed People. R — Christ, liberation for your oppressed People.

P — Lord, liberation and peace for your oppressed People.

R — Lord, liberation and peace for your oppressed People.


Glory to the Father of the People in all of the Universe and in the Latin American land peace to the men who seek liberation. For your love towards the oppressed we praise you, we bless you, we sing to you, we glorify you, we thank you, God, Father of the People, all-powerful enemy of the oppressors. Jesus, son of the laborer, identified with the oppressed, sent from the Father for liberation: You who condemn the sin of the exploiters, have compassion for the misery of the Colombian people; You who opposed the alliance of religion with the powerful, heed our cry against the reactionary pastors of the Church; You who live and reveal yourself in the actions of the masses and in the just struggles of the people, favor the cause of the Latin American People against the cruel dictatorships and the Doctrine of National Security. Because You always defended Human Rights. Because you condemned the exploitation of man by man. Because You wanted to be just, one with the Poor in the Spirit of Love and in the unity of the liberating practice. Amen.


R — Oh, God, Father of the People, who has convened us once more to commemorate the day of the fallen student! Cause us, by imitating these heroic examples, to be able to dedicate all of our strengths to the struggle for justice and the liberty of our Fatherland dominated humiliatingly by imperialism, so that being independent and sovereign in it will reign the peace and love that will permit us to coexist as brothers. For Christ our Brother.

— Amen!


Reading: Reading taken from the version of the book of Isaiah. Then I heard a voice from the heavens which said to me:

— Cry and do not cease crying out. Put your mouth to the wind of the afternoon that blows from the four cardinal points of the earth and cry out against the terror and the abominations of the exploiting system and the foul gringo democracy. Do not fear, child of the People.

I became filled with anger and indignation and left crying out along the roads of the beautiful Latin America, so that all those who passed would hear my voice and I said:

— Let the fierce mountainous chains of the Andes and the large tropical rivers hear me! Let the large Pacific and Atlantic Ocean of waters full of sound, seas that wrap around America like two lovers hear me! Let all of the planets of the solar system, with their natural and artificial satellites and even the distant nebula and constellations hear me! Let the settlers of the beautiful Latin America from the martyrized Central America and the luminous Caribbean to the usurped Malvinas lend their attention! Let all of the inhabitants of the Earth listen, because I am going to speak of the abomination of the exploitation to which the Latin American People are being subjected by the multinational gringos and by the national traitorous oligarchies! Ay, those who promulgate Statutes of Security and Codes of the High Police in order to repress and murder the people! Ay, those who proclaim the Doctrine of National Security in order to safeguard the interests of the oligarchies and the bloody multinationals who loot the treasures of the Fatherland! Ay, those military dictatorships who drink the blood of the People, like one who drinks a glass of water! Ay, the torturers of the laborers, peasants and students! Ay, the violators of Human Rights! Ay, the racists who discriminate against the Indian and the Black! Ay, those who make a business of war: the manufacturers of napalm, neutron bombs, lethal gases and bacteriological weapons to destroy man totally! Ay, the bishops and priests who condemn the legitimate defense of the People, calling it violence, and who bless the violence of the powerful, giving it the name of legitimate defense and democracy! Ay, those who call themselves Christians and in truth are bloody oppressors of the poor! Ay, those who have forgotten that the essence of Christianism is not anti-communism but rather love! Ay, those who spend hours and hours talking about whether the soul is mortal or immortal, while they forget that hunger is indeed mortal! Word of liberation.

R — We will put it into practice!


Let the Students of Colombia applaud on their day; let their voice be heard from one to the other extreme of the Nation. Let all bless the Holy name of God the Father of the People; let all sing hymns of glory to the victorious -People; let nc one refuse his support for the heroic struggles of the Central American people; let no one rest until the enemy of beautiful Latin America is defeated and humiliated!


P — Liberation and peace for the People, in the name of our Brother Jesus.

R — And also in ours.

P — Reading from the Good News of the Liberation. R — We are eager to hear it.

Reading: Jesus again warned his followers:

— Be careful that nobody deceives you. Because many will come in my name saying: “I am the liberator,” and they will deceive many. You will hear news of persecutions, wars, tortures, attacks against humanity, kidnappings; but do not fear, because all of this has to happen before liberation comes. Nation will arise against nation, social class against social class; and there will be famines, an excessive increase in the cost of living, hoarding, strikes, lack of employment, political and military violence, massive layoffs from factories, threats and pressures from the imperialistic powers . . . . But all of this will only be the birth pains of a new era. Then those who proclaim the liberation will be hated, declared subversive, tortured and murdered brutally, at the hands of the powerful. Many will be filled with fear from the repression and will betray the cause and denounce their comrades. And with the daily growth of the repressive apparatus of the exploiting system, the fervor for the cause of liberation will grow cold in many. But he who perseveres with firmness, he will see the liberation. This news of the liberation shall be proclaimed throughout the world, in order to make the nations aware. And, then liberation shall come. Word of liberation.

R — We shall put it into practice!



All — We believe in God the Father of the People who has made a good and rich world for all and who detests the exploiter who appropriates it for himself, condemning to an undeserved misery innumerable human beings. We believe in Jesus who declared himself sent by the Lord to announce the Good News of Liberation to the oppressed; who was born of a woman of the People, assuming the status of laborer among laborers; who was incarnated in the oppressed of the earth, declaring them blessed or equal to him; who condemned the exploiters with harsh words; who was denounced as a subversive of the established order, incarcerated, tortured and unjustly condemned to, death on the

cross by the representative of the interests of the Empire, at the request of the religious and political authorities of his native land; who on dying became a symbol of the struggle for his followers and lives in the heart and in the actions of the Community of believers who, united by the Spirit of love and given over to the liberating practice, make an effort to create a new society and a new humanity, based on universal fraternity and on the suppression of the social classes, where there are neither exploiters nor exploited and where oppression and war no longer exist, for the century of the centuries. Amen.

10. REQUESTS                                                                                                                                      

R — So that we students will understand that we must overcome conformism and commit ourselves to change in our society.

AllWe beg of you, Lord!

R — So that we will understand that all the ills of the country have their origin in American imperialism and in the domestic oppression of the powerful.

All — We beg of you, Lord!

R — So that we will learn to make of our studies a practical and critical activity, one that transforms society, and let us not reduce it to a theoretical, mechanical and dehumanized activity.

All — We beg of you, Lord!

R — So that we will understand the immense responsibility that we have with our People and their struggles.

All — We beg of you, Lord!

R — So that we will learn to imitate the example of our comrades who fell heroically for justice and the Fatherland.

All — We beg of you, Lord!

R — So that we will understand the value of unity and of student organization 41 we will move to seek them through all means.

All — We beg of you, Lord!


P — Thanks to You, God, Father of the People, for this the People who seek social justice and liberation. We believe nourishment, fruit of the earth and the work of the peasant that there will be a great historic judgment for each and every laborer, but that due to injustice is absent from the table every one of us will be judged in accordance with our works of those who produce it and is found in abundance on the of oppression or liberation, with a basis on the sentence of table of the exploiters who do not work; now we offer it to Jesus our Brother: “What you have done or not done for the you in the hope that some day there will be for the oppressed poor, you have done or not done with me.” We believe in an abundance of goods in the peace of a new society.

— So we wish it always, our Father!

P — Thanks to You, Father of the People, for this liquor, fruit of nature and the work of the peasant and the laborer and which in the hands of the exploiting State only serves to brutalize it, alienate and impoverish it; now we offer it to you with the desire that some day it will serve to happily offer it for liberation.

— Those are our greatest wishes, our Father.

P — The Father of the People who said, “I do not want many religious ceremonies, but rather justice,” receive this act of peace and liberation so that we will enjoy a total peace and prosperity in democracy.

Father of the People, receive this action of liberation for peace and justice for the well-being of the oppressed Colombian people.


P — We present to you, Lord, this offering of peace and liberation in these moments of shameful exploitation and extremely cruel repression for your Colombian people, with the goal that peace, which has its roots in justice and liberty, will be consolidated in our land. Therefore, with the heroically fallen students, such as Gonzalo Bravo Perez, and the Apostles and Martyrs of social justice of all times and places, we sing your glory, saying:

Liberator is the Father of the People, for all the oppressed of Colombia and the world. The earth is full of deep desires of peace and liberation. Happiness in the highest peaks of the Andes and on the coasts of the seas that bathe the beautiful earth of Latin America. Liberation for persons and property!


P — Liberator you are in truth, Lord, source of all liberation incarnated in the People; free these alienated in their status of merchandise, so that they will be for us an expression of dignified human labor and a symbol of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, our Brother. Who, when he was going to be handed over to the hands of the exploiters, knowing that he was going to be tortured and die, took bread and giving you thanks, divided it and gave it to his brothers, saying:

All — Take and eat, because I want this bread to be the symbol of my body, which I am going to surrender for the liberation of the People. Thus the bread is chewed by the teeth and digested by the organism until it becomes the flesh and blood of the one who eats it; in the same way, in a short time I will be crushed and ground until I become the flesh and blood of the People and a symbol of liberation.

P — In the same way, the meal over, he took a cup full of red liquor and again giving thanks, passed it to his brothers, saying:

All — Partake everyone of this beautiful liquor, since I want it to be the symbol of my blood, which is going to be shed for the liberation of the People. Because I assure you that I will no longer drink with you until the society of liberation is established.

P — Brothers: this is the commemoration of the liberating passion and death of Jesus.

We announced your death, but in time we proclaimed that you have not died, but rather that you are alive and acting in the oppressed people. Let your liberation and your peace come to the People and property!


P — Faithful to the recommendation of Jesus our Brother and praying with sincerity, as he taught us, we unite our voices to say:

All — Liberating Father: Blessed be your name! Let your liberty come. Fulfill your will for liberation in our Fatherland and in all of the Universe. Make the exploiters not snatch away from us our daily bread, and lead us to unite our wills in order to struggle for a New Humanity. Do not let us succumb under the oppression of the Military Dictatorships and free us from being tortured and murdered by the regimes in power.


All — Free us, Lord, from the statutes of Security, promulgated to repress the People. Help us to conquer peace, so that, uniting our forces, we can build with tranquility a new society free from exploitation and the class struggle, which is the Kingdom announced by Jesus, our Brother.

P — Jesus, our Brother, who said to his followers: “My peace I leave you, My peace I give you.” See our common desire to free ourselves from exploitation and lead us to peace and unity. You who live and act in history through the centuries of centuries.


P — The peace of the liberation of Christ is with all those present here and with the people.

We wish the same for you.

P — Let us give ourselves the peace of brothers, which is not like the peace of the oppressors, based on violence against the People.

Peace for you and for our People!


P — Jesus, our brother, who through the will of the Father of the oppressed and impelled by the Spirit of the People handed yourself over to death at the hands of the exploiters so that all exploitation would be erased from the earth: Through this symbol of your body and blood make us able to free ourselves from our alienations and fill us with vigor and enthusiasm; let us hand ourselves over to the cause of the poor.

P — These are the symbols of the body and blood of Jesus who died so that the oppressed could overcome their oppressors. Blessed are those resolute to partake of this sacrifice.

All — May the body and blood of Jesus, symbol of liberation, feed our spirit and give us strength to fight for peace and justice.


P — Our father: Make the Colombian students, imitating the clear example of our fallen comrades, understand that our commitment is with the just struggles of the People and with peace and love.


P — Brothers: in the name of God the Father of the People, let there be no rest for our lives as long as there is a single exploited person in our Fatherland and in the world.

We promise this as brothers.

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