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  • Let Teddy Stay

    Navigating the current political waters can seem not only difficult but pointless. In our times, leadership has failed in almost every sector of society: families are broken, schools are in [...]

  • A Little Oasis of Orthodoxy

    Considering a title for this essay, I rather facetiously suggested to my friend, Father Edward Tomlinson, who assisted me with many of the facts for the piece, that I should [...]

  • But God’s First

    Before nine o’clock on July 6, 1535, the Lord Chancellor of England was conducted to Tower Hill, London, where he lost his head for the crime of keeping his head. [...]

  • Cleaving the Body

    People who read Dante for the first time may well be surprised that of the two great ways to embrace what is evil—as opposed to loving what is good but [...]

  • Racism Against Whites Is a Sin, Too

    Pope Francis has condemned racism, and what Catholic could possibly disagree? Responding to the killing of George Floyd, the Holy Father said: “My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a [...]

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