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    Jean Bethke Elstain, an author I greatly admire, made an astute observation when she remarked that “much that comes parading through town under the banner of ‘choice’ is actually a new set of constraints and compulsions.”  “Parading” is an appropriately…


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    PolitiFact Gets Facts Wrong on Abortion & Breast Cancer Link

    by Drew Belsky

    PolitiFact put out a “fact-check” this week that purports to debunk the link between induced abortion and breast cancer. Instead, it provides a guide on how to hoist yourself with logical fallacies—namely, the appeal to authority (“it’s true because experts…

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    The Marriage Gap in the Women’s Vote

    by Meg T. McDonnell

    This past year America has seen a trumped up “War on Women” that claimed women’s freedom depends on “reproductive rights.” At the height of the Presidential election, the Obama camp courted the female vote with an exhortation to “vote like…

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    Making Noise, Not Arguments

    by Jennifer Roback Morse

    In my work as a social conservative, I have been puzzled by some of the rhetorical strategies of my opponents. Sometimes I feel my head spinning, as if I have been going around in circles, with no obvious conclusion in…

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    Shutting Down the Debate: Abortion and Mental Health

    by Pravin Thevathasan

    That there are psychological consequences to having an abortion have been accepted by many in the pro-life and pro-abortion camps. The psychiatrist Professor Ian Brockington has commented: “Some [post abortion] mothers feel like criminals and brood over the dead foetus….

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    The End of Women

    by Carolyn Moynihan

    The recent death of the American feminist poet Adrienne Rich has brought many accolades on account of her literary gifts and contribution to the feminist movement over the past 50 years. In her transformation from conventionally married mother of three sons in…

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    by Dale O'Leary

    When the Obama administration made the decision not to exempt Catholic hospitals and universities from the mandate to provide insured employees with contraceptives, morning after pills, and sterilization without a co-pay, one of those consulted was Cecile Richards, president of…

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    Umbrellas in a Tornado

    by Dale O'Leary

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is fighting for the mandate in Obamacare designed to force all health care plans to provide free (that is without a co-pay) contraception, morning after pills, and sterilization. She insists that this is a battle for women’s…

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    Bogus Birth Control Controversy

    by Sheila Gribben Liaugminas

    President Obama’s mandate requiring free access to contraception with virtually no employer exemption is at core a consitutional threat to religious liberty, not a heated debate about contraception and Church teaching. However, it quickly turned into that. So now that…

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    Mother Russia Needs More Mothers

    by Marcus Roberts

    According to the Christian Science Monitor, the Russian Prime Minister is seeking re-election to the presidency (for a third term) and is setting out his policy platform.  The fourth of his programmatic articles trying to convince Russians to vote for…

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    Fasting & The Season the Enemy Calls Lent

    by Rev. Dwight Longenecker

    The international listening posts of the Central Lack of Intelligence Agency have unscrambled various messages that have been sent electronically from sources unknown to destinations that have yet to be specified. These messages were filtered out from the millions of…

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    A Private Matter Between a Woman and Her Vending Machine?

    by Mary Rice Hasson

    Developments on a university campus suggest it is time for the Supreme Court to update its famous definition of abortion.

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    Hagia Sophia is No Lady

    by John Zmirak

    The primary use of sexual metaphors in Christianity is to convey the balance of activity and passivity, initiative and response, between the Lord and a human soul. We call the Church the “bride” of Christ, and Jesus the “bridegroom” of the soul precisely because of what these terms convey to psychologically normal people…

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    Planned Parenthood’s Grand Delusion

    by William Murchison

    Go the website PlannedParenthood.org. You know, Planned Parenthood, around whose rippling banner enlightened opinion rallied last week when news broke that Susan G. Komen for the Cure would, in the near future, cease granting it money. PP — just a…

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    Child Sacrifice in 21st Century America

    by George Weigel

    The Hebrew Bible is not for the squeamish. And its harshest maledictions are called down upon those who practiced the abomination of child-sacrifice. Thus the Psalmist: They sacrificed their sons and daughters to the demons/they poured out innocent blood, the…

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    Abortion Law: What would Solomon Do?

    by Howard Kainz

    We are all familiar with the current impasse on abortion. On the one hand, we hear the pro-life group, usually appealing to religious and ethical principles, decrying abortion as homicide, pure and simple. On the other, we are confronted by…

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    The Iron in the Lady

    by Rev. George W. Rutler

    It is not often that I go to moving picture palaces, and when I do I am saddened that the new kind of “multiplex” cinemas are not palaces at all. I may be indulging nostalgia (defined as “history after a…

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    Bad Poetry, Bland Theology: Let’s Write a Hymn!

    by Anthony Esolen

    Few parishes can afford to replace or restore the lost art so many pastors ripped out on the pretext that it was “pre-conciliar.”  In some cases – I’m thinking of a church in Appalachia with hand-carved relief sculptures of the…

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    The Scandal of What We Sing

    by Anthony Esolen

    It is with deep gratitude that I greet the new translation of the Mass into English.  At last, we will have a rendering that is theologically and linguistically precise, that captures the figurative meanings intimated in the Latin, that respects…

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    Captivated by Death

    by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    This essay first appeared in the July 1996 edition of Crisis Magazine.   Millions of Americans sit out their lives in darkened rooms, enthralled by the gasps and groans, cries and screams, and by the accompanying images on the screen….

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    Abortion, Mental Health, and Politicized Science

    by Michael Cook

    The news site Mercatornet.com conducted an important interview with psychologist Priscilla Coleman, who has published contrarian research results on the link between abortion and mental health problems. Priscilla K. Coleman is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at…

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