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    This past weekend I enjoyed seeing the latest installment of Marvel’s Avenger franchise, Captain America: Winter Soldier. I must confess that I have a somewhat juvenile curiosity toward these recent rounds of “super” mania films. I don’t care so much…


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    The Causes of Violence in America

    by Stephen M. Krason

    The airwaves and the opinion columns continue to discuss the terrible December 14 school massacre in Connecticut and have brought us additional stories of senseless multiple murders in places like Oregon and western New York. Much of the discussion is…

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    “Peace, Peace” — And There Is No Peace

    by George Weigel

    The Churches and Modern Political Violence Mr. Weigel’s essay was originally delivered to a conference on “Deception and Deterrence in ‘Wars of National Liberation,’ State—Sponsored Terrorism, and Other Forms of Secret Warfare,” sponsored by the American Bar Association. There is,…

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    Observations: A Mass of Contradictions

    by Phyllis Zagano

    Saturday, May 9 was extraordinarily bright and sunny in New York. There was more activity than usual near LaGuardia Airport, as large black limousines buzzed in and around the side roads and heavy traffic clogged the Grand Central Parkway. It…

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    Illusions and Realities: Against the Necklace

    by Michael Novak

    Since no one else seems outraged, let me raise a small voice against the cruel method of torture that is being practiced in South Africa. It is not often shown in all its horror on TV. It is called “the…

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    The Sanctuary Scam

    by M. Holt Ruffin

    Few issues in recent years have received more time and attention from liberal religious activists in the United States than the sanctuary movement. No issue has been the occasion for more public deception, confusion, and irresponsible rhetoric. Sanctuary advocates would…

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    Betraying the Bishops: “Official” Interpreters are Abusing the Peace Pastoral

    by Matthew F. Murphy

    In June 1983, when they published their pastoral letter on war and peace, the American bishops had two purposes: to help the formation of in­dividual consciences, and to offer moral guidance in a public policy debate. To accomplish these tasks,…

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    The Real Challenges Black South Africans Face

    by Crisis Magazine

    Editor’s Note: Prince Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi is the elected leader of South Africa’s KwaZulu tribe, which, with a population of almost 6 million, is South Africa’s largest. In 1975 he helped found Inkatha, a mass organization of Blacks committed to…

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