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    As Wise as Pigeons: Lessons Never Learned

    by Anthony Esolen

    Why must the children of light always be ten revolutions and a hundred years behind the children of darkness?  If we cannot always defeat our enemies on the battlefield, can’t we at least learn to recognize their tactics so that…

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    The Modern State Causes the Problems it Pretends to Fix

    by Anthony Esolen

    Pope Leo XIII affirms that a well governed State will promote the material and moral prosperity of its citizens, will honor private property and free association, and will protect the poor from abuse or depredation by the rich. How to…

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    Paul Ryan’s Bishop Defends “Good Reputation” of “Native Son”

    by Bishop Robert C. Morlino

    Editor’s note: Below is a column by Madison, Wisconsin bishop Robert C. Morlino addressed to the faithful of his diocese that appeared Thursday, August 16, in the Madison Catholic Herald under the title “Subsidiarity, Solidarity, and the Lay Mission.” Here,…

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    Subsidiarity on Earth and in Heaven

    by Howard Kainz

    Several years ago I attended a lecture at Marquette by John Allen, the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, in which he addressed the stereotype of the Vatican passing down commands to be implemented by 5000 bishops and subordinate…

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    Resisting Obamacare with the Interstate Compact

    by Brian Saint-Paul

    On April 26, 1783, two weeks after Congress approved a preliminary peace treaty with England, the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey entered into a compact over their shared use of the Delaware River. The waterway was an important shipping…

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    Community: A Conversation with Wendell Berry

    by Anne Husted Burleigh

    Wendell Berry, novelist, essayist, poet, and farmer, is a central contributor to the growing renaissance of Christian culture. Although he does not, in his lean careful writing, broach religion directly, he writes as one completely at home with the Christian…

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    Subsidiarity and Human Dignity

    by Deal W. Hudson

    In my column last week, I asked the question, “Does the USCCB understand subsidiarity?” I received a variety of responses to that piece, the most interesting being from Msgr. Charles Pope, pastor of Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian, who posted his thoughts…

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    The “How To” Problem

    by Eric Pavlat

    One of the biggest problems with Distributism–the idea that economies should not be based on corporations (pure capitalism) or on the State (pure socialism), but on individuals and families–is the question of how to achieve that goal.  Frequent commenter R.C….

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