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    In these dark days in which the power of secular fundamentalism appears to be on the rise and in which religious freedom seems to be imperiled, it is easy for Christians to become despondent. The clouds of radical relativism seem…


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    A Tipping Point on Abortion?

    by Michael Cook

    From 1917 to 1991, for more than 80 years, Russia was ruled by an ideology of oppression which paraded as a beacon of liberation. But within 40 years, the masquerade was over, even if the misery remained. Novels like Dr…

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    Putin and Stalin: Revising Reality

    by Steve Chapman

      Editor’s Note: Steve Chapman is on vacation. The following column was originally published in September 2007. In most countries, the future is impossible to predict, but the past doesn’t change. In Russia, it’s just the opposite. President Vladimir Putin,…

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    On Secular Repentance

    by Robert Royal

    This column originally appeared in the January 2000 issue of Crisis Magazine.   Repentance is good for the soul. In the past few decades, the Church has been called upon from various quarters to repent for her misdeeds over the…

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    A War Prevented: Pope John XXIII and the Cuban Missile Crisis

    by Ronald J. Rychlak

    The Holy See is the oldest continuing international organization in the world. Its Secretary of State office was established in 1486, and that is also when its first permanent representatives were established in Venice, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and…

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    Life Lessons from Joseph Stalin

    by Jason Jones

    If you had to use just a single word to express the human condition, which would you choose? This isn’t a Cosmopolitan Magazine quiz, so think for a moment before you fill in the blank. Maybe take out a pen…

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    Can the Soviet Union Be Reformed? An Interview with Vladimir Bukovsky

    by George Urban

    George Urban: Soviet man! This is a hoary topic, but for me it has a continuing fascination because it is the key to the question, “is there such a thing as ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’ in the USSR?” You say in…

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    Quodlibets: Ave (Maria) Atque Vale

    by Ralph McInerny

    In spring an old man’s thoughts turn to apocalypse, of course, but in recent years he finds that many have been there before him. Indeed, for much of my adult life I have been hearing dire predictions of the imminent…

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    Observations: How Experts Fool Themselves

    by Norman Podhoretz

    Remember Louis, the police inspector (played by Claude Rains) in the movie Casablanca, announcing how shocked he was to find that illegal gambling was going on in Humphrey Bogart’s cafe, and later in another connection ordering his assistant to “round…

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