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    The day may come when Catholics can support neither of the main American political parties or their candidates. Some think it’s already arrived. Alasdair MacIntyre, the Notre Dame philosopher, argued along those lines a few years ago, explaining why he…


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    Arguments From Natural Reason: Plausible or Conclusive?

    by Cord Hamrick

    A Bleg All right, all you faithful Catholics out there. I’m about to make a “bleg”; that is, I’m going to beg something of the readers of this blog. I’m going to ask you to spell out, as best you…

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    Herding Cats on Sola Scriptura

    by Mark P. Shea

    Truly Reformed™ Protestantism suits a particular personality type: the sort of person who likes diagrams, neat handwriting, little lists of facts, mathematical formulae, and a certain kind of precision. In its own limited sphere, Truly Reformed Christianity is handy because…

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