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    As any number of observers have pointed out, multiculturalism is the Trojan Horse by which militant Islam entered the West.  The spread of the more extreme manifestations of Islam only became possible when the West capitulated to the doctrine that…


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    Sex Trafficking in Your Backyard

    by Caitlin Bootsma

    News of mothers selling their pre-adolescent daughters into sex slavery cannot help but raise the ire of concerned people around the world. The stories out of Svay Pak, Cambodia are heartbreaking, with a large percentage of 8-12 year olds being…

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    One Woman’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

    by Austin Ruse

    Only a European feminist could believe that legalizing prostitution would reduce it. But the European Women’s Lobby goes even further than that. They believe legalization will not only reduce prostitution, they think legalization will abolish it altogether. Their campaign spouts…

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