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    I was recently on a radio program commenting about the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Arizona’s law requiring proof of citizenship when people register to vote. One caller seemed quite happy with the decision because, it seemed, he believed…


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    The Supreme Court’s Misuse of Children to Justify Same-Sex Marriage

    by Robert R. Reilly

    Of all the misconceived nonsense in the recent Windsor v. United States ruling, perhaps the most egregious was Justice Anthony Kennedy’s insinuation that “the children made me do it.” Windsor declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional because it defined…

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    We Ignore Sex at Our Peril

    by James Kalb

    Sex is too central to human life to avoid as an issue or to stand outside and describe objectively, and it touches us too closely for people to discuss calmly. Those qualities make it an ideal issue to settle through…

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    Making Noise, Not Arguments

    by Jennifer Roback Morse

    In my work as a social conservative, I have been puzzled by some of the rhetorical strategies of my opponents. Sometimes I feel my head spinning, as if I have been going around in circles, with no obvious conclusion in…

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    How Not to Prevent AIDS

    by Dale O'Leary

    In July the U.S.will host the International AIDS Conference and there is promising news. The experts are now convinced that treatment is prevention. If those who are infected are identified quickly, treated so that their viral load is lowered, not…

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    The Obesity of Eros

    by Pete Jermann

    Among the furrow browed and the gravely concerned, particularly those not tipping the scales beyond the approved standard, obesity is the current social chancre crying out for their enlightened solutions. But for the enlightened, though less than corpulent, to isolate…

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    Jesus Wants Gays to be Happy

    by Harold Fickett

    This month Piers Morgan interviewed Kirk Cameron, asking what he would tell his teenage son if the boy were to confess he was gay. Morgan promptly volunteered his own response.  “I would say, ‘That’s great son. Just so long as…

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    The Meaning of the Sexual Powers

    by J. Budziszewski

    There you will show me That which my soul desired; And there You will give at once, O You, my life! That which You gave me the other day. —John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle Midnight. Shelly is getting herself…

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    A Weimar Moment for America

    by Robert R. Reilly

    When do you know it’s over? When do you know that civilization has collapsed inwardly to such an irreparable extent that the next stop is barbarism? When is that Weimar moment? Certainly, the legalization of abortion was one such moment,…

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    A Private Matter Between a Woman and Her Vending Machine?

    by Mary Rice Hasson

    Developments on a university campus suggest it is time for the Supreme Court to update its famous definition of abortion.

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    Of Love, Hollywood Heroes & Harlequin Romances

    by Rev. Dwight Longenecker

    My friend Carol is a writer of medical romantic fiction. This does not mean that she writes warm hearted prose about anatomical procedures; she does not pen sugary sagas about surgery or candlelight accounts of cardiac attacks. No, she writes…

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    Planned Parenthood’s Grand Delusion

    by William Murchison

    Go the website PlannedParenthood.org. You know, Planned Parenthood, around whose rippling banner enlightened opinion rallied last week when news broke that Susan G. Komen for the Cure would, in the near future, cease granting it money. PP — just a…

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    Are the Sexes Really Complementary?

    by Susan Moore

    Following the passage of the same-sex marriage bill in Queensland despite probable public opposition to it, and the widespread publicity given to the change in the Australian Labor Party policy on marriage, the task of arguing against same sex marriage…

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    The Mythical Middle in American Politics

    by Terence Jeffrey

      Why did the Democrats run Bob Casey Jr., in Pennsylvania in 2006 against Sen. Rick Santorum? Why did President George W. Bush win a higher percentage of the African-American vote in Ohio in 2004 than he won nationwide? Why…

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    “Happy” Birthday, Sex Scandal

    by Philip Lawler

    As of today, ten years have passed since the Boston archdiocese was engulfed in scandal, as the result of investigative reporting by the Boston Globe. Today the faithful in Boston are still struggling to shake off the lingering effects of…

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    Profanity and Pop Music

    by L. Brent Bozell III

      Profanity and pop music go hand in hand these days. The pop star Rihanna recently appeared on the British version of Simon Cowell’s singing competition The X Factor dressed in a demure plaid jumper with a prim white collar….

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    Straw Dogs and Same Sex “Marriage”

    by Zac Alstin

    Heaven and Earth are ruthless; To them the Ten Thousand things are but as straw dogs. The Sage too is ruthless; To him the people are but as straw dogs. A “straw dog” was a ceremonial object used in place…

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    Captivated by Death

    by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    This essay first appeared in the July 1996 edition of Crisis Magazine.   Millions of Americans sit out their lives in darkened rooms, enthralled by the gasps and groans, cries and screams, and by the accompanying images on the screen….

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    On this Crock

    by Russell Shaw

    Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit, by Garry Wills, (2000) Doubleday, 328 pages, $25   When Pope John Paul II summoned Catholics to a “purification of memory” by facing up to faults, he spoke of a process that should engage us…

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    Movies: The Horror

    by Robert R. Reilly

    As Halloween approaches, our thoughts turn to horror movies – at least mine do, since I am a Halloween baby and have a disordered soul. I have followed this genre avidly and find that it contains some interesting and unexpected…

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    A Girl’s Lament: Sex, Love, and America’s Teens

    by Joan Frawley Desmond

    Forty years ago, the sexual revolution broke through the last barricades of Victorian propriety. A whole generation drifted toward moral anarchy in its fitful pursuit of sexual liberation. At the end of the day, the casualties of this revolution surround…

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