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    Joe Hargrave’s response in Crisis to my article “Presidential Power: A Rescuer, Not a Nemesis” was thoughtful, but contained certain problematical assertions. The first was his suggestion that my call for a new American Cincinnatus—an utterly virtuous, capable, and self-limiting…


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    Catholicism and Republicanism: More Than Compatible

    by Timothy J. Gordon

    Each electoral cycle, nearly six out of every ten American Catholics cast the ghastly vote of the libertine.  As such, one can only assume that the ideas and “lifestyles” emblazoned by these six out of ten votes follow faithfully (tongue…

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    On the Unravelling of Our Military Culture

    by Bruce Frohnen

    I’ve always hesitated to comment on the state of our military culture.  I’ve never served and, for a variety of reasons, seriously doubt I ever will be (or ever would have been) called upon to enter combat.  But over the…

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    The Catholic Right and the Triumph of French Liberalism

    by John M. Vella

    In September 2010, Emile Perreau-Saussine, age 37, was rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, UK, with chest pains. The junior physician on staff misdiagnosed his condition and thus failed to prevent his death hours later of a massive heart attack….

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