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    The constitutions or laws of many nations provide for what is called “religious liberty.” In practice, this liberty is under severe restrictions in numerous countries, if it exists at all. The fact is that no one can really talk about…


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    President Obama’s Faithful Helpers

    by Anne Hendershott

    President Obama’s decision to close the Vatican embassy—moving the ambassador and his staff into shared office space in the building housing the U. S. Embassy to Italy—is viewed by many, including several former ambassadors to the Vatican, as yet another…

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    How to Recover the Catholic Vote

    by Matthew Hennessey

    One of the reasons that same-sex marriage laws have proliferated so quickly is that their proponents are concentrated geographically in the nation’s power centers: New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Geography can be determinative in politics. Faithful Catholics are…

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    Where Do We Go From Here?

    by Scott P. Richert

     ”The laws of our land are catching up to the fundamental truth that millions of Americans hold in our hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more…

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    When Do Humans Begin to Feel Pain?

    by James D. Agresti

    The U.S. House Of Representatives recently passed a bill that would restrict abortions starting at 20 weeks after fertilization, or the stage of development shown in the picture below. Formally called the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” the legislation has…

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    Pelosi’s Support for Abortion Tells a Larger Story

    by R. Cort Kirkwood

    It’s hardly news to faithful Catholics that the Democratic Party is the evil party for championing abortion and sodomy. And the chief pro-abortion Democrat in this country beside Barack Hussein Obama and his vice president is Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of…

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    Saving the Uncommon Core of Catholic Education

    by Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins

    As Catholic institutions have come under unprecedented pressure from government to trim their religious and social mission, it seems incredible that Catholic educators would consider voluntarily placing their schools under an onerous federal yoke.  But that incongruous prospect may be…

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    When Politicians Allow the Murder of Infants

    by Anne Hendershott

    Now that the verdict is in on Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist convicted of delivering live babies—most of them African American—and killing them, perhaps President Obama might finally be willing to respond to the horrific crime.  Silent on the facts…

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    What Commencement Addresses Reveal

    by Brian Jones

    The beginning of May is always an essential moment for our American culture, since we get a rather unique and picturesque glimpse into the status of our polity and its current health, or lack thereof. Moreover, this particular occasion in…

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    “Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing”

    by Sean Fitzpatrick

    Dictator Kim Jong Un has been rattling his saber in North Korea with enough warmongering threats to go around. Though U.S. national defense and U.N. security officials recognize that the situation brewing in Pyongyang is serious, they also recognize it…

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    Women in Combat Decision Confirms the Irrationality of the Left

    by Stephen M. Krason

    The Obama administration is making a major push to “fully integrate” women into the military, including most ground combat roles. This is the culmination of an effort that began with the rise of the current wave of feminism in the…

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    The HHS “Compromise” Confirms that Obamacare was a Mistake

    by Doug Bandow

    The Obama administration has found the policy equivalent of alchemy. Employees of religious organizations will receive contraception coverage. And neither the individuals nor the groups will have to pay for it. It’s magic. Otherwise known as making the insurer pay….

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    Abuse of Power in the Executive Branch

    by Howard Kainz

    In Civics 101, we learn about the venerable mainstay of democratic republics—the separation of government into Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches.  Properly employed, this separation should result in a beneficial “balance of power,” preventing usurpation of power by any particular…

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    The Historical Roots of 1960s Radicalism

    by James Kalb

    The rebellious fervor of the Sixties, with its rejection of traditional standards and authorities, seemed a sudden break from what came before. At a deeper level, however, those developments simply brought to fruition what had long been in the works….

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    Romney Ceded the Language of Citizenship

    by James Matthew Wilson

    At the top, at least, the Obama campaign was premised on a clear vision of citizenship.  As a matter of course, the President spoke words of good will toward his fellow Americans, promising that those who heard him were joining…

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    Romney’s Abandonment of Social Issues Contributed to His Defeat

    by Austin Ruse

    Television and the blogosphere were alive the day after the election with conservative pundits calling for the GOP to forget social issues, to walk away from abortion and marriage, because these issues lost Romney the election. Big time political consultant…

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    Obama’s Disregard for Our European Inheritance Imperils American Freedom

    by Gerald J. Russello

    Our quadrennial spectacle of electing a president brings out the relationship between political order and the nation’s cultural and social order. Take the question of “rights,” which is a concept at the heart of the American experiment.  Based on the…

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    Rotten to the Core: Obama’s “First Time” Video and the Democratic Party

    by Anthony Esolen

    By now everyone paying attention to the presidential race has heard of the tasteless double-entendre ad the Obama campaign has put out, comparing voting for the President to losing your virginity.  I am trying—I am failing—to imagine the astonishment if…

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    Catholics in the Tank for Obama

    by George Neumayr

    During a campaign event in 2011, a feminist stopped Barack Obama in mid-speech to ask him if he supported free contraceptives. Obama replied: “Darn tootin’!” According to Obama’s secularist philosophy, this invented right to free contraceptives trumps the First Amendment’s…

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    I Was Right for the Wrong Reason

    by Bernadette O'Brien

    It would be both dishonest and absurdly ironic (since my October 17 article in Crisis was about intellectual integrity) if I were to fail to point out and correct a rather serious oversight that it contained. I stated that the…

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