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  • Pope John Paul II

     “It is from the blood of Christ that all draw the strength to commit themselves to promoting life.” — Blessed John Paul II (1995) John Paul’s statement was borne out in a poignant way this week, as men and women…


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    Why We Need More Canon Lawyers

    by Randall B. Smith

    We’ve all known administrators who were hired to do a certain job, but when they found they couldn’t do that job, they either tried to do everyone else’s job or else tried to change the job into something else completely. …

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    What Does it Profit a Catholic Politician to Endorse Contraception?

    by Steven W. Mosher

    Sometimes pro-life leaders must disagree, as when I read in these pages an expiatory article about Barbara Comstock by Austin Ruse, followed by an endorsement of her candidacy for the U.S. Congress. My difficulty with Comstock, a candidate for the…

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    Sorry USA Today, Evolution Isn’t “Settled” Science

    by Nicholas Satin

    It’s official, ladies and gentlemen! The Theory of Evolution via Natural Selection is no longer a “theory”; it’s confirmed science! At least, that’s what USA Today would have us think anyway.  In a column entitled “Evolution is Not a Matter…

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    Sacrificing Religious Life on the Altar of Egalitarianism

    by Br. Justin Hannegan

    Young Catholics are spurning religious life.  According to the Official Catholic Directory, there were only 1,853 seminarians studying for American religious orders in 2011.  That’s less than half the number of religious seminarians that were studying in 1980 (4,674), and…

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    Two Noble Ends of an Authentic Education

    by Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg

    The Oracle of Delphi foretold countless fortunes, futures, prophecies and mysteries over many centuries and is the same ancient fount of wisdom who declared Socrates to be the wisest man in the world. A great sign above the entrance to…

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    John Paul II’s 1983 Visit to Poland: Anniversary Reflections

    by Regis Martin

    It was sixty years ago that the Hungarian émigré historian, John Lukacs, published his first book, The Great Powers and Eastern Europe, a masterful treatment of the subject, whose conclusion, including an elegy on the lost world he left behind,…

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    John Paul II’s Definitive Answer to Secular Feminism

    by Dr. William Oddie

    St. Paul wrote in his Letter to the Galatians (4:4): “When the time had fully come, God sent forth his son, born of woman”; “Only by the power of the Holy Spirit,” added Pope John Paul II in the apostolic…

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    Bl. John Paul II: Shepherd on the Slopes of Mt. Carmel

    by Paul Radzilowski

    It seems everyone has his own John Paul II. Even among highly committed Catholics there are many views on the lessons of his papacy. Indeed, he was pope for so long, and did so much in so many spheres, that…

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    A Throw Away Culture in Reproductive Medicine

    by Arland K. Nichols

    The “Brave New World” of genetic manipulation in reproductive medicine has arrived, and its arrival embraces the utilitarian calculation that the death of the innocent is a legitimate means to secure the health of another. Mitochondrial diseases, such as Leigh’s…

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    A Case of Mistaken (Sexual) Identity

    by Daniel Mattson

    My favorite novel of mistaken identity has always been C. S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy. It’s the perfect fairy tale, beginning with a miserable young boy, Shasta, growing up in Calormen, treated like a slave by Arsheesh, the…

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    Crisis Co-Founder Celebrates 80th Year with New Memoir

    by Michael Pakaluk

    It is a small detail, but a revealing one, as the small details tend to be.  Michael Novak in the final chapter of his personable memoir tells the story of his first meeting with John Paul II.  Friends of Novak…

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    The Beauty of Marriage

    by Arland K. Nichols

    He stood on principle. He defended the Church. He refused to act against his conscience. He was stalwart in defense of marriage. And in 1535, the king chopped off his head. Saint Thomas More, whose Feast Day we celebrated on…

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    Should the U.S. be a Catholic Society?

    by James Kalb

    At the close of the Second Vatican Council, Paul VI noted that the Council had displayed an unparalleled desire “to know, to draw near to, to understand, to penetrate, serve and evangelize the society in which she lives.” That desire reflected a…

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    Want Religious Liberty? Live Your Faith

    by Arland K. Nichols

    From the standpoint of Catholicism there is no more important right than religious liberty. It is the first of our freedoms. As Catholics, we cherish religious liberty because we have been made by God and for God—our hearts are restless,…

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    Beauty Will Save the World: From the Mouth of an Idiot to the Pen of a Pope

    by R. Jared Staudt

    A popular quote we often hear but find hard to understand is “beauty will save the world.” How will beauty save the world? The line comes from Dostoevsky’s novel, The Idiot, attributed to the main character, Prince Myskin. The prince,…

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    Life and Good or Death and Evil?

    by Arland K. Nichols

    I recently read with great interest a fascinating story by the Associated Press. The life of a young girl, Lake Annabelle Hall, was saved following surgery to remove a cyst on her left lung. Had it not been discovered it…

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    What Commencement Addresses Reveal

    by Brian Jones

    The beginning of May is always an essential moment for our American culture, since we get a rather unique and picturesque glimpse into the status of our polity and its current health, or lack thereof. Moreover, this particular occasion in…

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    Veritatis Splendor: The Encyclical that Mattered

    by Samuel Gregg

    There are papal encyclicals, and then there are papal encyclicals. Some escape public attention almost from the moment they’re promulgated. Others continue reverberating inside the Church decades after they appear. But there’s also a third type of encyclical: those which…

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    The Black-and-White Pope

    by Donald S. Prudlo

    A few days ago we all had a shocking surprise as a Latin American, Jesuit archbishop emerged onto the loggia of St. Peter’s to the general joy of the Catholic world.  The rejoicing was widespread, but not universal, with some…

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    Catholic Youth are Indebted to John Paul II and Benedict XVI

    by John Paul Shimek

    Less than one month ago, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets announced momentous news: “Annuntio vobis tristitiam magnam,” one said. “Sede Vacante,” read another. A million similar messages appeared across the internet and the new social media. The ancient See of St….

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