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  • New Year

    We Americans love to upgrade ourselves—or at least give improvement a lick and a promise as we turn the page on a given milestone.  Jonathan Edwards famously wrote out 70 resolutions (yes, 70!); one assumes North America’s greatest thinker and…


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    The Annunciation

    by Rev. George W. Rutler

    Human imagination cannot conceive the power and pressure that held all the essential elements of the universe together in a piece of matter about the size of a pinhead when the world began. Physicists tend now to date the explosion…

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    The government doesn’t know how to raise kids

    by Laurance Alvarado

    “You’re nuts.” That’s what a man with 11 children, 15 grandchildren, and a successful legal practice told me after the middle sister of my two foster children was welcomed into our home on Christmas Eve. Of course, he said it…

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    Making lemonade out of…. carp?

    by Zoe Romanowsky

    A group of chefs, businessmen, and civil servants in Louisiana have devised a clever plan for dealing with an invasive fish: Rename it and stick it on retail shelves and restaurant menus. Asian carp was brought to the U.S. from…

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    Haydn’s Baryton Trios

    by Joseph Susanka

    When I was in DC this past September for InsideCatholic’s 14th Annual Partnership dinner, Deal introduced me to a truly extraordinary collection of music: Haydn’s Baryton Trios. (The baryton, a large viol-like bowed instrument, seems to have fallen out of favor in recent…

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    My Non-Binding Resolutions for the New Year

    by John Zmirak

      I’m not a libertarian, but I play one on the PC. As I’ve written before (blatant plugs for other rants I’ve written on this subject follow here and here), there’s nothing wrong with the State using its power to…

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