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    The Democrats made some waves last week with their proposed “Paycheck Fairness” legislation, purportedly designed to ensure that men and women get equal pay for equal work. It was heartening to see this rhetoric mostly fall flat. When the Democrats…


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    St. John Fisher, Marriage, and Moral Absolutes

    by Samuel Gregg

    In his October 2013 article on the question of communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, Cardinal Gerhard Müller underscored that the Catholic Church had risked much to uphold Christ’s teaching regarding true marriage’s indissolubility. The Prefect of the Congregation…

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    Why We Need More Canon Lawyers

    by Randall B. Smith

    We’ve all known administrators who were hired to do a certain job, but when they found they couldn’t do that job, they either tried to do everyone else’s job or else tried to change the job into something else completely. …

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    Aim of Family Synods: Harmonize Doctrine and Pastoral Care

    by Eric Johnston

    A recent interview of  Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga in a German newspaper underscores the stress lines surrounding the upcoming synods, in October 2014 and October 2015, “On Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.”  It can help…

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    On Daughters, Vocation & Human Happiness

    by Richard Becker

    The Sound of Music just finished its run at the college where I work, and my daughter had a part: Brigitta, one of the von Trapp children. Everyone in the production did a marvelous job, although (you’ll forgive me—I’m a…

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    Natural Family Planning, Providence, and the Goal of Marriage

    by Eric Johnston

    The great NFP debate would be greatly helped by some serious reflections on ends: teleology, as the philosophers like to say. On one side stand the Providentialists.  At their more strident, they accuse NFP users of a “contraceptive mentality.”  Just because…

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    A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada

    by Mark Regnerus

    There is a new and significant piece of evidence in the social science debate about gay parenting and the unique contributions that mothers and fathers make to their children’s flourishing. A study just published in the journal Review of the…

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    Sex and the Public Order

    by James Kalb

    Sex and the institutions, customs, and restraints related to it are basic to social order. That claim shouldn’t be controversial, and it’s odd that it has become so. Older political philosophers such as Aristotle, who viewed man as naturally social,…

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    The Future of Marriage Reconsidered

    by Rachel Lu

    Among American conservatives it seems to be common knowledge now that marriage is on the rocks. According to the Pew Research Center, just over half of American adults 18 and older are now married. This is a record low, and…

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    Hopeful News from the Marriage Front

    by Rachel Lu

    America is a pro-marriage country. After debating the value of matrimony for several decades, Americans have come down firmly in favor of tying the knot. Cue the wedding bells. Some readers may be scratching their heads at this point. That…

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    Sex Affirmed

    by Pete Jermann

     When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways. (1 Cor 13:11) A society that trashes marriage will be…

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    The Beauty of Marriage

    by Arland K. Nichols

    He stood on principle. He defended the Church. He refused to act against his conscience. He was stalwart in defense of marriage. And in 1535, the king chopped off his head. Saint Thomas More, whose Feast Day we celebrated on…

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    Preparing for Marriage: A Bride’s Checklist of Questions and Answers

    by Ryan N. S. Topping

    June, they say, is the month for weddings.  If you’re involved in one this summer, as mother, father, bride, groom, or friend, you’re probably buried in lists.  There are: the cakes to be baked, the flowers to be cut, the…

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    Searching for Our Town

    by Elise Ehrhard

     ”Our Town is not offered as a picture of life in a New Hampshire village; or as a speculation about the conditions of life after death (that element I merely took from Dante’s Purgatory). It is an attempt to find…

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    Why Marriage Matters

    by Regis Martin

    It was, not so very long ago, widely regarded in this country as morally wrong and, not infrequently, socially ruinous, for a man to walk out on his wife and children.  In 1961, for example, Nelson Rockefeller, who was then…

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    The GOP and Social Issues: Sophomoric Arguments at the Wall Street Journal

    by John Londregan

    A common trope in social policy debates is to claim that the public’s changing opinion on the policy at stake, rather than the policy’s moral or substantive justifications, merits changing the platform of one’s preferred political party. This notion seems…

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    The Marriage Gap in the Women’s Vote

    by Meg T. McDonnell

    This past year America has seen a trumped up “War on Women” that claimed women’s freedom depends on “reproductive rights.” At the height of the Presidential election, the Obama camp courted the female vote with an exhortation to “vote like…

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    Catholics, Awake! Marriage Doesn’t Just Happen!

    by Anthony Esolen

    It’s been more than ten years since I first noticed something odd about the generally pleasant—and generally Catholic—students at the college where I teach.  The boys and girls don’t hold hands. Let that serve as shorthand for the absence of…

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    Vatican II: A Hermeneutic of Continuity or Reform?

    by Tracey Rowland

    Cardinal Kurt Koch who is the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity recently gave an interview in which he remarked that Pope Benedict prefers to call his approach to the Second Vatican Council not a “hermeneutic of…

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    Men Don’t Mother

    by Jenet Erickson

    There’s been a strange turn of opinions about fatherhood—at least in recent public debates. Decades of research have now documented the tremendous challenges children face when they grow up without their fathers. But you would never know it by looking…

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