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    The Montagues and Capulets placed great store in their brand names, even to the point of stabbing one another, but the Capulet girl was a wistful voice: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any…


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    Gay Pride: A Politically Incorrect Dialogue

    by Howard Kainz

    CRANSTON:            I detect a certain weirdness about the annual “gay pride” parades in our city. TURNER:                    These celebrations seem appropriate to me, at this turning point, after centuries of branding homosexuality as abnormal. CRANSTON:               If we extend the concept of…

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    “Talibans of Austerity”

    by Theodore Dalrymple

    A sentence in the French newspaper Le Monde recently caught my eye: Il y aura toujours des talibans de l’austérité, there will always be the Talibans of austerity. It was uttered by the economist Jean Pisani-Ferry in an interview in…

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    The Queens English No More

    by Carolyn Moynihan

    On the last day of June a sad event in the long and noble history of the English language is scheduled to take place: the Queen’s English Society will formally be wound up. Forty years of trying to raise the…

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