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  • Karl Marx

    If you’ve been with us for the first two parts here and here, you’ll recall the three waves of attack against the family—(1) the assertion that marriage enslaves, (2) that children are a burden, and (3) that sexual difference is…


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    The Long War Against the Family (Part I)

    by Ryan N. S. Topping

    The progressive cultural elite has long perpetuated prejudices against the family that, unchallenged, lead to its ruin. Among several I cite three: (1) the assertion that marriage makes men and women less free; (2) the assumption that children are a…

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    The Richness of the Word

    by Donald DeMarco

    A most remarkable scene unfolds in Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s great drama, Faust, in which Dr. Faustus labors to translate the opening sentence of St. John’s Gospel.  It is important to note that at this juncture of the play the translator’s…

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    Does Belief in the Afterlife Diminish Man?

    by Donald DeMarco

    It is commonly asserted, especially among atheists, that belief in an afterlife cools one’s enthusiasms for this life on earth.  This God-centered or theocentric view allegedly prevents human beings from truly being themselves and living up to their full potential. …

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    Whispering Truth: Scientists and the (Un)Hidden God

    by Paul A. Wagner

    Karl Marx said religion in general — and Christianity in particular — is nothing more than an opiate for the masses. How do we know Marx is not right? The mere fact that people around the world worship a divine…

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    Lessons for 2012 from Lincoln and Louis

    by Marvin J. Folkertsma

    Karl Marx famously quipped that great historical events and personages appear twice, first as tragedy and second as farce. The tragedy he had in mind was the French Revolution and the farce was its pale successor that took place in…

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