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    Set outside of Tolkien’s well-traversed Middle-earth, “Farmer Giles of Ham” is easily missed by the casual fan of “hobbitses.” It’s a fairy tale from a fictional medieval land known as the Little Kingdom, but it offers fertile soil for thinking…


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    Some Bishops Want Your Guns

    by Nicholas G. Hahn III

    If for nothing else, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will always be remembered at a tragedy. ”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Emanuel told the Wall Street Journal in 2008, “what I mean by that is: an opportunity…

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    The Causes of Violence in America

    by Stephen M. Krason

    The airwaves and the opinion columns continue to discuss the terrible December 14 school massacre in Connecticut and have brought us additional stories of senseless multiple murders in places like Oregon and western New York. Much of the discussion is…

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    Guns: A Problem of a Free People

    by Mattias Caro

    This article originally appeared on Ethika Politika   With the tragedy in Colorado, guns are back in the news. The liberal media laments that the NRA and those on the right quickly state that events such as this sociopathic shooting…

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