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  • Governor Mitt Romney

    A few weeks ago Mitt Romney spoke at a college commencement exercise and encouraged the graduates to marry early and have a lot of children. He used the words “quiver full” taken from the Old Testament. The comment was unremarkable,…


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    The GOP’s Complicity in the Spread of Gay Marriage

    by George Neumayr

    Proponents of gay marriage, as they eagerly anticipate the Supreme Court’s examination of the issue next week, are chortling over recent polls that suggest the American public’s resistance to it is fast eroding. They pointed this week to a Washington…

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    For Liberals, Religious Freedom Means Freedom from Religion

    by Thomas Fleming

    As the presidential campaign came to a close, religious questions sneaked surreptitiously into the national debate.  The Democrats had an easy target: Governor Romney’s unusual religious affiliation, though since few Democrats know anything about any religion, particularly Christianity, they found…

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    Romney Ceded the Language of Citizenship

    by James Matthew Wilson

    At the top, at least, the Obama campaign was premised on a clear vision of citizenship.  As a matter of course, the President spoke words of good will toward his fellow Americans, promising that those who heard him were joining…

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    Romney’s Abandonment of Social Issues Contributed to His Defeat

    by Austin Ruse

    Television and the blogosphere were alive the day after the election with conservative pundits calling for the GOP to forget social issues, to walk away from abortion and marriage, because these issues lost Romney the election. Big time political consultant…

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    How Little We Have Lost

    by Bruce Frohnen

    Like millions of conservative Americans, I spent last night with hope and fear, followed by sinking disappointment at what my fellow Americans had chosen to do with our country. That disappointment has not gone away. But it has been tempered,…

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    A Dime’s Worth of Difference: What the Second Presidential Debate Reveals

    by Scott P. Richert

    The most interesting moment of the second 2012 presidential debate came in the final minutes, when Barry Green, the last of the 82 supposedly undecided voters handpicked by the Gallup Poll, asked Governor Mitt Romney to describe the biggest misperception…

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