Father Pavone

The New Secular Puritan Covenant

Thanksgiving brings back memories for Americans of the Pilgrims and Puritans, carrying out their “errand into the wilderness” to build a “city on a hill,” surviving that first bleak Massachusetts winter of 1620-21. As a kid, I remember that cutting out Puritan hats from black construction paper and taping them to the school windows was [...]

I’m Still Alive, and So Are Donohue, Burke, and Pavone

One year ago, Salon ran a rather breathless piece by an anti-Catholic writer named Patricia Miller who danced on the graves of Cardinal Raymond Burke, Father Frank Pavone, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue, and me. Miller was thrilled to her toes that each of us had in some way become “discredited” and were doomed. So, [...]

My Autumn Evening at “The Mount”

  Last evening I had the pleasure of taking three seminarians from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary out to dinner in Gettysburg.  As I drove up Highway 15 to Emmitsburg, MD, I noticed the leaves on the trees were more brilliant with fall colors than they are down here in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  And, [...]