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    In his famous critique of John Stuart Mill, Mill and Liberalism (1963) the Cambridge historian Maurice Cowling underscored just how much the views advanced by self-identified liberals were underpinned by the conviction that their conception of the historical background to…


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    Invest in Catholic Youth: Build Beautiful School Chapels

    by Duncan G. Stroik

      Intellege ut credas; crede ut intellegas  (In order to believe you must understand. In order to understand you must believe.)  —St. Augustine A priest once told me that the best place to teach students the faith is in a…

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    Acceptance of Drugs: A Challenge to Culture and Evangelization

    by R. Jared Staudt

    I recently gave a talk entitled “Beer and the Renewal of Catholic Culture.” Based on the Roman Ritual’s traditional blessing for beer, my argument was that beer is both a work of God given to gladden our hearts (along with…

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    Pope Francis and the Missionary Spirit

    by Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.

    “The Church—I repeat once again—is not a relief organization, an enterprise nor an NGO (Non-Government Organization), but a community of people, animated by the Holy Spirit, who have lived and are living the wonder of the encounter with Jesus Christ…

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    How Catholics Can Save Our Dying Civilization

    by R. J. Snell

    In a recent address, Archbishop Chaput articulated how much we depend on the residual religious capital of earlier times, but once the capital is spent, “we may not like the results, because the more we delete God from our public…

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    Advice to College Students from Lumen Fidei

    by R. J. Snell

    I know, I know, it’s only the beginning of August, and the very last thing on a college student’s mind is the upcoming semester. Unless they’re rising freshmen, in which case the upcoming semester is very much on their mind,…

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    Catholics Must Not Cede Ground in Public Debate

    by James Kalb

    In the last several months I’ve been discussing the problems Catholics face dealing with public life today. The recent election underlined some of them. The bishops and others made their pitch about threats to the family and the freedom of…

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    What the Reformation has Wrought

    by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

    The day may come when Catholics can support neither of the main American political parties or their candidates. Some think it’s already arrived. Alasdair MacIntyre, the Notre Dame philosopher, argued along those lines a few years ago, explaining why he…

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    The Role of Philosophy in the New Evangelization

    by Brian Jones

    I recently had a brief conversation with a former colleague of mine who is Catholic, and who wanted to inquire about certain aspects of the faith that she was struggling with. She mentioned to me that, while she goes to…

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    On Cultivating the Catholic Mind

    by Brian Jones

    Blogging is not typically a sphere of life that I prefer to tread into. More often than not, it seems that blogs have become merely an outlet for those who neither want nor seek genuine and fruitful intellectual discussion. This…

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    Faith & Reason in the Barbarian Winter

    by David Foote

    Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (480-524), best known for his Consolation of Philosophy, is one of the most fascinating and puzzling figures from Late Antiquity. He was born in that time of transition in Western Europe that brought an end to…

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    Is Man by Nature in Relation to the Infinite?

    by Robert R. Reilly

    The headline above has been posed as a question. However, at the Rimini Meeting in Italy, from which I have just returned, it was put forth in a statement as the main theme of a week-long event (August 19-25) that…

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    The Purpose of Education: A Catholic Primer

    by Stratford Caldecott

    Our society, indeed what remains of Western civilization, seems to many people to be falling apart. The economic crisis, the moral crisis, the ecological crisis, and the political crisis combine to create a “perfect storm.” But they all stem from…

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