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    I recently gave a talk entitled “Beer and the Renewal of Catholic Culture.” Based on the Roman Ritual’s traditional blessing for beer, my argument was that beer is both a work of God given to gladden our hearts (along with…


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    Obama Administration Scandals and the Danger of Cynicism

    by Bruce Frohnen

    Some conservatives, and our libertarian friends in particular, have been rather enjoying hearing about recent Obama Administration scandals. I would not begrudge anyone a certain amount of perverse pleasure in the discomforts of an administration that has been seeking to…

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    Soberheroes: A Critical Look at Modern Mythology

    by Sean Fitzpatrick

    Comic book heroes have recently become less comic—which is of both cultural and Christian concern. After the brooding superhero films of the last few years, many are asking the question made famous by the late Heath Ledger’s truly menacing, anything-but-funny…

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    The New Meaning of “Cultural Competence”

    by Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg

    The absurdity of the mantra “don’t judge” is lost on the ideologues. Ideology is the worship of an idea and as such it is the worship of self because in deciding what ideas to worship, the ideologue makes himself the…

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    When Culture Abandons Reason (and Faith)

    by Donald DeMarco

    For reasons that are both unfathomable as well as perplexing, the vast majority of young Canadians are champions of Barack Obama. I was informed that when a certain teacher asked her students who preferred Obama to Romney, all hands shot…

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    Romney, Israel, and the Centrality of Culture

    by Robert R. Reilly

    Governor Mitt Romney seems to have stirred up some controversy by the remarks he made to a gathering in Jerusalem the other week. Contrasting Israel and the Palestinian territories, he said, “You notice a stark difference in economic vitality. And…

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    What’s Behind Our Girl-harming Culture?

    by Dale O'Leary

    No one would guess it from even a passing acquaintance with popular television shows, but there is increasing concern among parent and professional groups about the sexualization of girls. Responding to this concern the American Psychological Association appointed a taskforce…

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    The Urgent Need for The Next Great Idea

    by Robert Nisbet

    Robert Nisbet’s (1913-1996) The Present Age is a jeremiad arguably more potent now than when it was published. Written in 1988, this excerpt is in part a call for the genius with the next great idea to please step forward,…

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    Building the New Rome

    by John Jalsevac

    In 2005 I spent three months in Rome. In some ways I have never left. Perhaps it sounds like a commonplace to say that I “left part of myself” in the Eternal City. But the fact is, I did. I…

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    The Well-Sheltered Catholic

    by Steve Skojec

    In 1971, a group of distinguished individuals — artists, writers, musicians, intellectuals — sent an appeal to Pope Paul VI requesting that he preserve the classical Roman Rite of the Mass. This group, composed of Catholics and non-Catholics alike, had…

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    Of Female Bondage

    by Carolyn Moynihan

    Here’s something strange. Just when you thought women had cast off the last of their chains, it turns out that they are rushing headlong back into bondage. Female enthusiasm for a sadomasochistic “romance” called Fifty Shades of Greyhas seen tens…

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    The Culture Behind the Cartagena Scandal

    by Carolyn Moynihan

    President Obama has called them “knuckleheads”.  A CNN columnist says the actions of a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia amounted to “stupidity”. United States Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the episode, also involving military personnel, was a “huge…

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    Two Cheers for Hollywood

    by Alistair Nicholas

    When it comes to corporate social responsibility Hollywood occasionally gives us cause to cheer. For example, the 2006 film Blood Diamond successfully drew attention to modern day slavery and exploitation in Africa, which is usually funded by blood diamonds –…

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    The Speed of Change in the Republic of Rights

    by Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.

    “I grew up in Kansas. When I began my book Render Unto Caesar in 2006, I had in my mind the America I always knew—or thought I knew. But that America, I admit, has been passing for fifty years, and…

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    Zombies, Zelda, and the Natural Law

    by Peter Freeman

    Rescuing the princess. Punishing unjust oppressors. Liberating a people from slavery. International gamers across the world live out these fantasies on a daily basis. These fantasies don’t make themselves, however. Grown men and women have to sit down at computers…

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    Trekking for Tournemire: An Aussie Heads to Florida’s Gregorian Chant Convention

    by R.J. Stove

    Last February, Australia’s R. J. STOVE went in search of America. He found a Marine boot-camp for organists, and a church music congress which felt like a Star Trek convention. When former National Interest editor Owen Harries looked back upon…

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    Kuehnelt-Leddihn and American Conservatism

    by Lee Congdon

    Let us begin with what is most excellent and lasting in the work of the late Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn—his profound understanding of, and unyielding opposition to, the Left.  According to the Austrian-born polymath, the Left has its roots planted firmly…

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    The Catholic “Ghetto” as a Last Resort

    by Wolfgang Grassl

    The Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that even health plans of religiously affiliated employers must include the coverage of contraception, abortifacient drugs, and sterilization. Hundreds of Catholic hospitals, colleges and universities, and social service organizations will have…

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    The Age of the Laity…or the Latte?

    by William Fahey

    So what will it be? A grande Latte… or Western Civilization? A scone with that… or the meat of doctrine? An extra shot of espresso… or the survival of families? A Moccachino… or the Mystical Body of Christ? Today, the…

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    The Strange Happenings at the Unreal Hotel

    by Anthony Esolen

    Many are the strange things going on in the Unreal Hotel. In Room 101, a man and woman are lying together, and in more ways than one. In Room 102, it is a man and a man. In Room 103,…

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