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    In his great biography of Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson noted that Franklin donated money to “the building funds of each and every sect in Philadelphia.” For Franklin and his founding brothers, religion promoted the civic virtue essential to sustaining the…


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    The Real Significance of the Crusades

    by David Byrne

    Sometimes the story goes like this: The Catholic Church attacked the Holy Land in 1095 and relations between Christians and Muslims have been poisoned ever since. This simplistic interpretation is not only false, it misses the real significance of the…

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    Where Do We Go From Here?

    by Scott P. Richert

     ”The laws of our land are catching up to the fundamental truth that millions of Americans hold in our hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more…

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    St. Peter and St. Paul, the Fathers of Great Rome

    by Ben Akers

     Peter and Paul, the Fathers of great Rome, Now sitting in the Senate of the skies, One by the cross, the other by the sword, Sent to their thrones on high, to Life’s eternal prize. Elpis, the wife of Boethius,…

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    The Key to the Bastille: Learning from the Past with Benedict XVI

    by Christopher O. Blum

    “Show me what a man remembers of his past,” the late Fritz Wilhelmsen once said, “and I will tell you what kind of man he is.”  Like Friedrich Nietzsche, Wilhelmsen was inclined to bold affirmation and even bolder denial, and…

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    Liberal Catholicism: Requiescat in Pace

    by Samuel Gregg

    With the dust settling on the uproar which followed the Vatican’s April intervention into the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), it’s possible to put this and other emerging trends into a longer-term perspective. The blustering reaction of the LCWR…

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    Roger Williams and The Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty

    by Rev. Michael P. Orsi

    The role of individual conscience and religion in American society has been debated since the arrival of the first English settlers. The original intent of the Puritans was to establish a theocracy in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop, its…

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    Catholic Schools: Toeing the Party Line

    by Paul Kokoski

    Robbed of much of their vitality by the violent implosion in religious orders, especially those devoted to teaching the young, over the past fifty years, our Catholic schools have struggled to stay alive – and many have closed their doors…

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    The Speed of Change in the Republic of Rights

    by Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.

    “I grew up in Kansas. When I began my book Render Unto Caesar in 2006, I had in my mind the America I always knew—or thought I knew. But that America, I admit, has been passing for fifty years, and…

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    Lawless Christians

    by Howard Kainz

    We consider that a person is justified by faith apart from works of the law. –Rom. 3:28 We have believed in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law, because…

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    Our National Pride

    by Fr. Robert Johansen

    “I’m proud to be an American.” Those words are more than the refrain of a country-western song. This sentiment encompasses both reflection on our past and national aspiration. We look back on our history and see things we can be…

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    Hope: When A Loved One Dies in Sin

    by Rev. John Jay Hughes

    My mother died at age 27. She left a grieving husband and three little children: myself, age six, and my younger sister and brother, ages four and two, respectively. I remember my mother well, her death from pneumonia the day…

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    Because She’s a Kennedy

    by Christian Tappe

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend—yes, one of the Kennedys—recently wrote an inspired piece of moral theology in The Atlantic. And we should all take note. Fresh off a rally with New Ways Ministry, the Maryland-based group of Catholics who promote a “gay…

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    Authority and Its Discontents

    by Christopher Manion

    The Church’s response to the ObamaCare Mandate calls to mind this journal’s original name, Catholicism in Crisis. Today the Church confronts a crisis – “an invasion of our religious freedom,” Donald Cardinal Wuerl calls it — and the outcome is…

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    Bring Me The Head of Maria Stuarda

    by R.J. Stove

    The thought of a new book, from a proverbially establishmentarian imprint, on Elizabeth I’s spymaster is not one that immediately gladdens the heart. Anyone who has actually been expected to spend time in modern England – rather than simply viewing…

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    Cardinal Dolan and the New Evangelization

    by George Weigel

    The irrepressibly effervescent personality of Cardinal Timothy Dolan may tempt some to think of the archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as the latest in a line of glad-handing Irish-American prelates, long on…

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    The Age of the Laity…or the Latte?

    by William Fahey

    So what will it be? A grande Latte… or Western Civilization? A scone with that… or the meat of doctrine? An extra shot of espresso… or the survival of families? A Moccachino… or the Mystical Body of Christ? Today, the…

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    Rick Santorum and the Kingship of Christ, Part Two

    by William Fahey

    This second part of this series treats the experience of Roman Catholics during the Founding era, since this period establishes the particular milieu in which American political rhetoric was forged and continues to find its orientation.

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    The Irrational Beauty of Conversion

    by Christian Tappe

    The world is spiraling out of control. It has been, in fact, since its pinnacle eight hundred years ago, but today it seems that any minute now, we’ll hurtle off kilter. The HHS Mandate threatens the religious freedom of all…

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    Larry Doyle’s “Jesus-Eating Cult”

    by Harold Fickett

    The reaction of Catholic leaders to Larry Doyle’s recent satiric piece at HuffPo, “The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum,” has been exactly the wrong reaction.  We have taken offense, demanded apologies of Arianna Huffington, and asked that we please not…

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    False Premises

    by Peter J. Colosi

    Earlier this month in a Catholic Exchange piece I said that those in support of the HHS mandate think that the Catholic position prohibiting contraception is irrational; I failed to mention that they also think the prohibition is immoral. This is why,…

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