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  • Christian persecution

    As an Evangelical youngster I devoured a paperback classic called Tortured for Christ. Written by a Romanian Baptist pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, it was a simple tale of being imprisoned and tortured for his Christian faith under the Communist regime. Another…


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    Catholics Will Likely Relive Past Persecutions

    by James Kalb

    Man is a social being and doesn’t invent his own world. To orient himself and understand what his life is about he has to find his proper place, which is an order of things where he can feel at home…

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    Where Have You Gone, Joe McCarthy?

    by Anthony Esolen

    The mayor of San Antonio glares down at the electrician, who is bidding for a contract to wire some new public offices. “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Roman Catholic Church?” The electrician looks…

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    Lessons Drawn from the Japanese Martyrs

    by Rachel Lu

    Christianity came to Japan in 1549. The Land of the Rising Sun must have been ready to hear the good news when St Francis Xavier first set foot on its shores. By the time he left, just two years later,…

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    How Long Will Secular Liberalism Endure?

    by James Kalb

    Secular liberalism is at odds with Catholicism. The point seemed obvious to most people until the postwar period, when the thought took hold that an essentially harmonious relationship could be established that would draw on the American model. America, it…

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    The Intolerance of Liberal Toleration

    by James Kalb

    D. A. Carson, a well-known Reformed theologian and exegete, has written a clear and well-reasoned analysis of today’s imperialistic tolerance from an Evangelical and classically liberal standpoint. He tells us that the new understanding of tolerance has meant a shift…

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    Obama Ignores the Fears of Middle Eastern Christians

    by Richard L. Russell

    President Obama loudly proclaims his enthusiasm for democracy in the Middle East as he did in his second inaugural address:  “We will support democracy from Asia to Africa, from the Americas to the Middle East, because our interests and our…

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    Mr. Cameron’s Unsatisfactory Response to the Mistreatment of Christians

    by Dr. William Oddie

    I see that Mr Cameron has tweeted that he is “delighted that principle of wearing religious symbols at work has been upheld.” The genial Eric Pickles said that he too is delighted. They were referring, of course, to the judgment…

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    Yet More Christians Silenced in Europe…and America

    by Austin Ruse

    Homosexual groups are celebrating in Europe this week as once more they have triumphed in a court of law over believing Christians. The European Court of Human Rights upheld decisions of British courts that had decided homosexual rights trump the…

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    How Same-Sex Marriage Suffocates Freedom (Part I)

    by Bryce J. Christensen

    Those advocating the radical social innovation, which they label “same-sex” or “gay” marriage, typically claim that they are fighting for freedom, championing a basic liberty. “Freedom to Marry” is indeed the name of a national organization devoted to the advocacy…

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