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    When the battle over marriage began, a decision was made not to talk about the problems associated with homosexuality, but focus on marriage between one man and one woman as they way things have always been and on benefits for…


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    An Authentic Response to a Devastating Crisis

    by Arland K. Nichols

    It was a distressing report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) – a May 2012 update on HIV and AIDS among Gay and Bisexual Men. The report details the degree of HIV/AIDS infection in the population of men who…

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    Does it Get Better? The Lies of Pro-Gay Education

    by Dale O'Leary

    The outrage over Dan’s Savage’s profanity laced lecture at a conference for high school journalism students has focused on his frontal attack on the Bible. This has diverted attention from Savage’s objective: promoting his “It gets better,” campaign, the purpose…

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    How Not to Prevent AIDS

    by Dale O'Leary

    In July the U.S.will host the International AIDS Conference and there is promising news. The experts are now convinced that treatment is prevention. If those who are infected are identified quickly, treated so that their viral load is lowered, not…

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    Reforming Caritas International

    by George Weigel

    Several weeks ago, the Vatican announced that it would not grant the necessary approval for Lesley-Anne Knight’s second, four-year term as secretary general of Caritas International, a global network of 165 Catholic agencies working primarily in the Third World on…

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    ‘The Organ Wagon’s On Its Way!’

    by Joseph Susanka

    Given my usual tendency to (over)indulge in a bit of “tin-foil-hattism,” it’s hard for me to read this sort of thing without freaking out: A special team will monitor 9-1-1 calls about people in danger of dying and they will travel…

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    Anti-Catholic Bias in Georgetown AIDS Report

    by Deal W. Hudson

    On January 9, Ray Ruddy, president of Boston’s Gerard Health Foundation, wrote a letter to Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia asking him to disavow or retract a Georgetown report entitled “Faith Communities Engage the HIV/AIDS Crisis.” The report, published…

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    Why Condoms Will Never Stop AIDS In Africa

    by Mary Jo Anderson

    Every ten seconds, a man, woman, or child in Africa dies from an AIDS-related disease. According to the USAIDS/World Health Organization (WHO), 40.3 million people now live with HIV infections, two-thirds of them in sub-Saharan Africa. In Swaziland, 42.6 percent…

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    Observations: The Border Babies

    by Phyllis Zagano

    The San Francisco Chronicle’s “Top of the News” front page summary one day last month reported that Miwok, the rare baby porpoise, died in the arms of her caretakers at Marineworld in nearby Vallejo, California. Miwok, named for the northern…

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    Normalcy As Terror: The Naturalization of AIDS

    by Rev. Stanley L. Jaki

    Stephen Jay Gould’s essay in the New York Times Magazine of April 19 is normal in the sense that it runs to about the same length as most of his widely read notes on evolution. Gould displays his mastery of…

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    Quodlibets: Ave (Maria) Atque Vale

    by Ralph McInerny

    In spring an old man’s thoughts turn to apocalypse, of course, but in recent years he finds that many have been there before him. Indeed, for much of my adult life I have been hearing dire predictions of the imminent…

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    The Deadly Silence: AIDS and Social Censorship

    by Eugene V. Clark

    We are an amazing nation. Almost daily we are reminded that we are blessed with media analysts who fear nothing and will always tell us the unvarnished truth. Nor do we lightly ridicule the media’s sacred cows. Defamation awaits anyone…

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    Illusions and Realities: The Gall of the New York Times

    by Michael Novak

    The New York Times is a great newspaper, even though it sometimes does present itself as a missionary sent to earth to enlighten Roman Catholic darkness. So often it pats the head of Catholic “progressives,” and scolds “traditionalists.” Consider this…

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