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    • Mike Mulligan

      Good stuff.  I’ll have to read Mr. Tropman’s book.  I am concerned that too few Catholics appreciate the violation imposed with forced altruism ie. income redistribution.  This country’s bedrock theory is that the consent of the governed must be obtained on vital questions such as taxation.  As Paul said in 2d Thessalonians concerning his group not being a burden, if you will eat you must work.  Can’t blame others for asking as much before income redistributioin occurs.

    • Rayr

      I echo Mr. Mulligan’s comments.  Big government social welfare systems most often violate the concept of subsidiarity.  Charity is love in action.  Government cannot give love, only money.  Smaller institutions, through the actions of individuals working with those in need can only give love, in other words, being Christ to one another.  What those in need need most is a loving hand to help guide them which often takes money or goods that the needy need, but includes more than just material goods. 

    • http://twitter.com/joey89924 joey

      It means only that Catholicism does not assign a theological status….