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    • Tout

      I, a Catholic, always receive the H.Host on tongue. God wants to come in me, not in my hand. Therefor I want to have communion-rails in every church, that I can kneel to receive. Allow God to come directly in you, not in your hand. I may be the only one in our church, but many Catholics receive on tongue. I want to kneel for God. To give the good example to others.

    • Dave

      The separation of Church and state isn’t even in the Constitution! What IS in the Constitution is that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” In other words, the government shall not have an official state Church (as the English did.) Even in the context that the phrase “separation of Church and state” was originally used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to some Baptists, it was meaning that the government should not interfere with religion, NOT that believers should not let their religious beliefs influence their political positions.

      Just a short, but very important American history lesson….

    • Barbara

      What I have always loved about Archbishop Chaput’s messages, spoken or written, is that they are CLEAR, no innuendo, no subtlety, just clarity. Thank you, Archbishop, for your clarity! May the Holy Spirit grant to all of our spiritual leaders the same gift with which you share Christ’s teachings through His Church!

    • Alecto

      It’s time to take on the enemies of the Church publicly and fearlessly. Unfortunately some of them are in the clergy. It’s quite clear they don’t fear you or respect Church teaching on anything as long as there’s no consequence. You have a solemn duty to all Catholics to correct them. That goes to the hear of Christian charity – correcting our brothers and sisters who have gone astray.

      The bishops traded their souls to Obama in 2008, and don’t think the laity has forgotten what you did to us. We’ve not forgotten the backroom deals with that devil, behind our backs and controverting rights and our liberty on universal healthcare. Although I see you would be happy to have us sweep that incident under the table. Twenty-six million dollars to lobby for universal healthcare and illegal alien amnesty. A little advice: cut the bull and admit you were wrong to interfere with us. We can be trusted, you cannot. We have a conscience and morality. You? Not yet apparent. Don’t even try to deny it. In the words of Patsy Cline, “Who’s sorry now?”

      I also take grave exception to being lectured by people who know nothing about free enterprise and equate that economic system with some kind of immoral thievery. On the contrary, the free enterprise system has lifted more people out of poverty than any charity. Until the bishops can inform themselves about that issue, Archbishop, you and I will always be on opposite sides of the aisle.

      • Adam_Baum

        I tend to agree with this post, save for one thing. It’s not that the Clergy (whether it be Catholic or otherwise) know “nothing” of free enterprise, its that they are hideously misinformed and it’s easy to be so. Economics used to be called the political economy, for good reason. There’s a couple of sayings about macroeconomics: If you laid all the economists in the world end-to-end you still wouldn’t reach a conclusion. The second thing is that economists have accurate predicted 27 of the last 9 recessions.

        Hayek, no particular friend of religion, nonetheless showed the technical underpinnings of subsidiarity-that knowledge tends to be diffuse and localized, and it can’t be effectively concentrated. Any scheme involving centralized command and control will be more cumbersome, less adaptable and resilient.

        I recently had a confessor who told me he received an undergraduate degree in finance, when I discussed my frustrations of Episcopal gullibility with regard to economic matters, he told me he felt my pain. It seems to me that when a Priest has technical knowledge in a relevant field, the Bishop might want to “pick his brain”. It might avoid the grievous errors such as that dreadful 1980′s era pronouncement on the economy, that was part of a decades long “identification with a single party” that is going to cause us so much grief in the coming years.

    • Rev. Vincent Fitzpatrick

      Dittos to Alecto.