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    • Christopher Blum

      No, indeed, history is not finished yet. Patient, peaceful, and creative resistance to the aggressive secularism of the current regime is the work of our age, work that will plant the seeds for a new age to come. Thank you, Dr. Aeschliman, for an inspiring essay.

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    • Lt. William J. Lawler II, M.Ed

      Excellent article!
      I highly recommend the book “Outcome Based Education: The
      State’s Assault on Our Children’s Values” by Pamela Hoffecker and Peg Luksik (a self-described devout Roman Catholic, a Constitutionalist, and a professional educator).
      I aso recommend that any American concerned about these issues use this article as a catalyst for looking into home education.

    • Carl

      Do you have an example of the “right,” and/or “far right” attempting to institutionalizing their ideology in public education? And please don’t tell me the Third Reich which was a leftist group.

      In my mind the “far right” would be Libertarians who are really anarchist with no standards which is the exact opposite of public school indoctrination.

      • Michael Paterson-Seymour

        Yes. Jules Ferry, the 19th century founder of the French public school system was simply more candid than most politicians, when he said that tits object was to cast the nation’s youth in the same mould and to stamp them , like the coinage, with the image of the Republic [« la frapper, comme une monnaie, à son effigie »] He also insisted that public education be unremittingly laïque [secular] and banned the religious orders from teaching.

        Ferry was on the Far Right: minister of Thiers during the crushing of the Paris Commune and the theoretician of colonization in Algeria.

        It is, perhaps, no accident that one of the authors of the Universal Declaration of Human rights was the French Catholic philosopher, Jacques Maritain

        • Carl

          The French of the late 18th and into the 19th centuries have no resemblance to American “Republicanism” or right of center politics. The were “enlightened-rights of man-atheists.”

          There were single issues like the “scopes monkey trial” where Protestants tried to disallow Darwinism, but look where we are today, now we can’t teach creationism. Which is what the left wanted all along.

          • Michael Paterson-Seymour

            Well, Ferry, as Prime Minister, tried to crush organized labour, imprisoned and guillotined communists and anarchists, believed that France had a mission to civilise “backward races” through colonisation – If those are not right-wing policies, I don’t know what are.

            Also, as a passionate nationalist, he hated Christianity because he believed it promoted individualism and universalism. He admired the Catholic Church for her “interpretive and repressive system” that curbed what he saw as the socialism latent in the New Testament.

            • Carl

              The two extremes are an all powerful nanny state or the anarchy of no government, call it what you like. Left and Right or the swing of the pendulum.

              The French examples you give, albeit some may have promised a less powerful government, have never lived up to those promises and only offered another dictator with a different in name. Which makes them Left of center in my mind or call it the pendulum bob at the nanny state position if you wish.

              Thomas Paine who wrote in Common Sense that if men were angels there would be no need for government. Later wrote The Rights of Man in his inspiration for the French Revolution. Paine obviously became disillusioned in believing that enlightened man could become angels on earth.

      • John

        “Do you have an example of the “right,” and/or “far right” attempting to institutionalizing their ideology in public education?”

        I’m not sure how you want to define “right”, but I can think of many military or paramilitary societies that did this — the Spartans, the Fascists of the 20th century, and Zulu society under Shaka (where boys as young as six became apprentice warriors). Right wing societies also indoctrinate by making education selectively available on the basis of race, class, and sex. For example, under Jim Crow, African American children were not allowed to attend school with white children and generally received a vastly inferior education. During the early years of the Industrial Revolution, social conditions determined the likelihood of a child receiving an education, as opposed to working, which in practice institutionalized ideology by reinforcing the class structure. Public education is influenced by both right and left. For example, right wing school boards in some parts of the US allow creationism to be taught in science classes. There are even some right-wing extremists who would like to eliminate secular public education altogether and to replace it with institutions that reject scientific inquiry and reinforce their own belief systems as inerrant. I have a very conservative friend who wants evolution to be removed entirely from high school biology.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Esolen/1184164082 Tony Esolen

      Michael — splendid! I will read that book. A question about Germany: why the animus against homeschooling there? And in Sweden?

    • musicacre

      Great article! Unfortunately I couldn’t wait for the tide to turn once our family began, so we home-schooled. (Almost finished now, just the last two). Another informative and comprehensive book about this process, but from a purely American perspective, is Cloning of the American Mind by B.K. Eakman. It rings the alarm bell and gives in depth descriptions and analysis of the psychology that is replacing content in the schools; not to mention the full history of it..

    • Steve Martin

      The bigger the state (power of govt.), the smaller the citizen and the less freedom.

      Look around, and at history. This axiom is a proven truth.