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    • http://www.liturgicalenvirons.com Steven Schloeder

      “This is the Note’s biggest failure: it has forgotten that man is fallen. ”


      “In a world on its way to rapid globalization, the reference to a world Authority becomes the only horizon compatible with the new realities of our time and the needs of humankind. However, it should not be forgotten that this development, given wounded human nature, will not come about without anguish and suffering.”


      “Only a spirit of concord that rises above divisions and conflicts will allow humanity to be authentically one family and to conceive of a new world with the creation of a world public Authority at the service of the common good.”

      The nota acknowledges the Fall, but seems to do so in order to justify the social disruption needed to establish this Authority — which of course must be “at the service of the common good”.

      What a botch.

      • sarto

        What this Roman document noticed and most people don’t is that, while capitalism and the power of the corporations has gone global, control has remained local. No country, even our own, can harness the instinctively acid effects of capitalism, which eats away at every structure, changing it forever.

        So, after capitalism finally accomplishes its reductio ad absurdum, the remnants of the world that have survived the ravages of our market economy will have to figure out what to do next.

    • http://realphysics.blogspot.com Lawrence Gage

      Steven, good point.

      Another way to express it is that the Note acknowledges our fallen nature, but (implicitly) excludes its authors or whatever Ruling Authority as participants in it. The authors are suffering from the modern disease of Cartesian dualism.

      It’s also noteworthy that a global (secular) authority is not in the interest of the Church, as an institution, or her mission. Even aside from the fact that the secular power is run by secular humanists, this power’s interest can only be “peace” not Truth. Historically, if I’m not mistaken, the medieval Popes worked to weaken or divide the European empires in order to leave unchallenged the Church’s authority. Of course the situation is a bit different in the modern context of a Church will minimal secular power, but I believe the same principle holds. A power that can unite the world can also suppress the Church and persecute the Faith. With divided authority, the Church can (at least) always take refuge in the next country.


    • digdigby

      The Lord of the World – someone has got to run this worldwide money empire – I nominate Satan. This is Catholic ‘Social Justice’??? Brought to you by the same folks who think it a good idea to replace ‘France’ and ‘Spain’ with ‘Europe’ and yet bitterly defend ‘Mohawk Indian sovereignty’.

      • http://distributistparty.bravehost.com/ Chris Campbell

        Now, this is not Catholic Social Teaching, it merely borrows some trappings of it…like 60′s Hippies, who co-opted it here and there….largely because “conservatives” and Americanists ignored CST themselves….

    • Rick DeLano

      “So far, there seems to be little to argue with, but what is notable is what is missing. While “Towards Reforming” blames the financial crisis on too-easy credit and too much lending, it makes no mention of usury, and the omission may be linked to the embarrassing practices of the Vatican bank.”

      Bravo. The very first to point to the sixty four thousand pound elephant in the room.

      The Catholic Church surrendered enforcement of Her infallible teaching on usury about two centuries back.

      The results are now clear, and they are inexpressibly awful.

      Exactly one author, that I have seen, has even mentioned this.

      It is the key point to understanding all that has grown up as the New World Order, all that has grown up as the global financial system now in advanced state of collapse. Our entire economic system has degenerated into a lurching series of catastrophes, based as it is upon a profound contradiction of what is knowably True: usury is a form of theft which requires in return for a loan, that which demonstrably does not exist.

    • http://theorist-wwwsummaomniacom.blogspot.com/ Theorist

      Usury is bad mainly because it is an unnatural love of money, in itself, not necessarily because it is theft.

      But it is not even theft if the two parties agree to it and indeed, interest payments can be paid quite demonstrably by increasing the length of production and thereby increasing output that can be used to satisfy the interest.

    • Rick DeLano

      “Usury is bad mainly because it is an unnatural love of money, in itself, not necessarily because it is theft.”

      >> To the contrary. It is theft. It is the requirement that one return that which does not exist in exchange for a loan. If adopted on a societal scale it will, in each and every case and without exception, and perfectly lawfully, destroy the economy and reduce the citizenry to slaves.

      This has been known for millennia, through the infallible exercise of the magisterium of the Church.

      It will very very soon now become (has already become, for the Greeks) a distinctly uncomfortable example of how unwise it is to abandon the Truths of God for the best thinking of men.

      “But it is not even theft if the two parties agree to it and indeed, interest payments can be paid quite demonstrably by increasing the length of production and thereby increasing output that can be used to satisfy the interest.”

      >> In other words, the theft can be facilitated through the diversion of resources into the pockets of the usurers. A moment’s reflection on the nature of interest will disclose why the incorporation of such an injustice at the foundation of an economy will, always and lawfully, result in the destruction of productive wealth via its ever-increasing transfer into the pockets of the usurers.

      Allow the system a couple of centuries to metastasize, and entire nations will be reduced to debt slavery, once the usurers develop their doctrine to include fiat currencies created out of thin air and lent out at usury leveraged hundreds of times over.

      To aver that this process were just is to contradict justice, and the magisterium of the Church.

      ” One cannot condone the sin of usury by arguing that the gain is not great or excessive, but rather moderate or small; neither can it be condoned by arguing that the borrower is rich; nor even by arguing that the money borrowed is not left idle, but is spent usefully, either to increase one’s fortune, to purchase new estates, or to engage in business transactions. The law governing loans consists necessarily in the equality of what is given and returned; once the equality has been established, whoever demands more than that violates the terms of the loan. Therefore if one receives interest, he must make restitution according to the commutative bond of justice; its function in human contracts is to assure equality for each one. This law is to be observed in a holy manner. If not observed exactly, reparation must be made.”– Pope Benedict XIV “Vix Pervenit”

      Very soon now (already across wide stretches of the collapsing global usury scam) we shall have occasion to reflect at length on the consequences of surrendering to the best thinking of men, what God has infallibly taught through His Church.

    • John Zmirak

      Crisis will be posting two articles on the subject of usury in November, exploring the content and authority of the Church’s teaching on that subject, and its development over the centuries–which has been almost as dramatic as the development on the issue of religious liberty. Look for it around Nov. 15.

    • Rick DeLano

      Thanks for the heads up, Professor.

      I am amazed to hear about this development in doctrine, since nothing has been published by the magisterium on the question of usury since 1745.

      I look forward to the articles.

    • mj anderson

      Thank you Sean–excellent analysis.

      Towards Reforming is a very bad dream for Catholics, though it is a dream come true for globalists.

      I’ve covered the United Nations since 1995 and need not hesitate to point out that this global institution is inept and corrupt. Recall, for example, the 2005 Oil-for-Food scandal in which the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan’s own son was implicated in scams and kickbacks. That Saddam Hussein received over 12 billion in skimmed dollars courtesy of UN’s Oil-for-Food program ought to chill even then idealists of the PCPJ.

      The naivete of the PCPJ is alarming–at best. The suggestion that any authority is somehow more honest, more caring, more competent simply because it is global in scope is to misunderstand history and human nature. The opposite is true: Opportunity for corruption and malfeasance increases in direct proportion to the size and complexity of the institution.

      What the PCPJ appears to have ignored is that 1) there is no global consensus on what constitutes the Common Good, 2) the Church has no reason to expect that such international structures will be populated by persons with minimal moral values. Why hand an instrument that could easily facilitate global tyranny to those institutions that do not respect families, have no regard for the teachings of Christianity, and that promote abortion?

      Sean wrote,”On a few things, the Note is correct, such as when it decries the exponentially widening gulf between the rich and the poor. While worldwide income rose steadily in the twentieth century, ‘At the same time, the distribution of wealth did not become fairer but in many cases worsened’.”

      One explanation for this truth is that the widening gulf is in fact the result of the international financial structures (World Bank, IMF) that have meddled in and controlled natural market conditions, seduced developing nations with credit, and taught two generations of emerging nation’s politicians the finer points of international back-scratching.

      Finally, almost as disturbing as the contents of Towards Reforming is how such a document is to be viewed by the faithful. Even for laity who understand that the document is not “magisterial,” are we to accept the document as only from the PCPJ, or from “the Vatican” or even from or with the approval of the Pope?

    • http://distributistparty.bravehost.com/ Chris Campbell

      Thanks Sean and well said! More Christless solutions and a Sign of the Times

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