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    • http://devinrose.heroicvirtuecreations.com/blog/ Devin Rose

      Looking forward to the new direction.

      Question: I was subscribed to the InsideCatholic blog posts, but so far I don’t see any blog category. Are those done away with?

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Hi Devin,

        The old IC blog posts can be accessed through the individual author pages (click on an author’s name). However, when we brought over the posts, most of the older ones lost their author tags. As a result, we’ll have to sift through them, correcting the author names and uploading the entries as we go.

        However, you’re right that we’ll no longer have a formal blog. The Counterpoints section — which fisks through errors in the media, on prominent websites, and in other publications — has replaced it.

        • http://devinrose.heroicvirtuecreations.com/blog/ Devin Rose


          Thanks for the info. I subscribed to the main RSS feed. Is there a different feed for the Counterpoints or is that rolled into the main feed?


          • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

            Hi Devin,

            The feed should be comprehensive, so you’re good to go.

    • Mike S.

      One question for clarification: when you wrote, “with the return of Crisis Magazine” – did you mean to say that the print edition is returning?

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Hi Mike,

        Sorry, I wasn’t very clear on that. We won’t be reviving the print version of the magazine — that industry is dead. However, we’re developing a digital version for mobile devices and hope to release the iPad edition in late June.

        You’ll find a few more details here, along with a screenshot of the iPad magazine:


    • http://heresy-hunter.blogspot.com TH2

      Will articles from the old, hardcopy Crisis Magazine eventually be included in your archives?

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Yes, we’re going to upload one a day. You’ll find them in the CLASSICS section.

    • Wilbur M Bolton

      I am old enough to realize that government is run for the benefit of government employees; and this is also true of programs that the government runs, supposedly to benefit the poor. The requirement of welfare programs that an adult male NOT be part of a family receiving welfare has led to the break-up of many minority families, thereby increasing the number of women and children living in poverty. I believe that Sen. Pat Moynihan (Dem., NY) was one of the first national figures to realize this unintended effect of the welfare programs adopted under LBJ’s administration in the 1960s. The result of the “war on poverty” was an increase in the number of women and children in the USA living in poverty.
      One would think that members of the USCCB would become aware of this characteristic of government programs. Further, the larger the organization that adopts a program (Federal vs. State vs. County or City), the more difficult it is to correct the unintended effects of a law, once enacted.

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    • http://www.ncregister.com John Burger

      Welcome back!

    • j

      Looks good, but really miss the scroll of posts at other sites, which somewhat captured the range of viewpoints under our very big tent.

    • Tim H

      I appreciate the candor and the position your new site is taking. I hope we can still see some of the content that isn’t always so oriented to political economy as well.

      But I would also really hope to have lively discussions here. I do not know all the history of Crisis magazine but I am familiar with the wars on the right. I would hope we can make room for critiques of the classical liberalism of Acton et al. While I understand that the left is a brutal and threatening enemy, we can’t give ourselves over to corporatism either.

      In another periodical I once read that we must find the way to

      Resist Jihad without becoming the tools of McWorld.

      (The Jihad has two fronts: Fundamental Islam and rabid
      secular Leftism.)

      The quote might not provide enough of a positive basis for our life (surely more than struggle against darkness), but for the things we do fight against, I think it helps focus one.

    • Bender

      Oh, great!

      I see you even are using that web platform that I despise with a passion. Cumbersome, user unfriendly, slow, annoying. Well, that is one way to get Bender to shut up with his comments.

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Really? We switched to WordPress from Joomla, and absolutely love it. Between the two, there’s no competition, at least as far as we can see.

      • http://devinrose.heroicvirtuecreations.com/blog/ Devin Rose

        I also like the new look. I administer both Joomla and WordPress sites and WordPress rules in every way. Joomla is the one that is more cumbersome, user unfriendly, etc.

    • Brian F

      You mentioned that you are developing a digital edition for the iPad. Would you also consider an edition that could be read on the Nook Color? It has over 130 digital magazines, few of which interest me much. But, Crisis would be an excellent addition.

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Hi Brian,

        We’re looking into something very much like that. Stay tuned…

    • http://thepulp.it/ Tito Edwards

      I like the look of your website.

      Simple, easy to navigate, and it isn’t cluttered.

      Interesting that you all moved from Joomla to WordPress.

      . . .and easily distinguishable from all of your competitors.

      Great job Brian!

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        Thanks, Tito.

        We try to keep it clean and aesthetically pleasing — that contributes greatly to one’s reading experience.

        Yes, we left Joomla behind, and I’m sorry we didn’t do it sooner. WordPress has been much easier to work with.

    • Carl

      I like being anonymous. I like battling it out over words, ideas, and discussing faith.
      I learn so much and it’s not about me or you.

      When people post too much personal information I try to block it out the best I can.

      Personal photos are much the same to me. It smacks of Facebook, “look at me!” Which I abhor. While I do admit being anonymous lends itself to slip into a more disrespectful discourse—it can always be corrected or explained better.

      But having someone’s picture posted numerous times no matter how well that go-tee looks I just find it very annoying!

      • My Name Here

        Carl…great point. Brian’s picture makes us all long for anonymity.

      • http://www.crisismagazine.com Brian Saint-Paul

        The goatee felt it was being ignored, and demanded more air time.

    • http://thepulp.it/ Tito Edwards


      You have me convinced.

      Your comments on humble you are for not posting, ie, bragging, about yourself with a photo pic and how great you are for that decision has given me second thoughts.

      That I just wasted a few seconds of my life reading your dribble.

    • Hugh E. GalvinIII

      Hi Brian: God Bless you. Welcome back

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    • http://estquodest.com Pauli

      Good news indeed, thanks.

    • Michael W


      This is very good news.

      I was attending Boston College (in 1982) when the first newsprint copies of “Catholicism in Crisis” arrived in the mail. They were unsolicited and at first I assumed the sedevacantists had somehow got my address. However, it took only minutes to realize that Ralph McInerny and Michael Novak were at the helm. I’ve been on board since.

    • Chuck Johnson

      Tell me how to sign up and what donation is required.
      I will more than meet that. I pay only by check since weakileaks. So I need your address to send a check.

      I used to subscribe years ago.

      Chuck Johnson