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    • http://www.bannonoceanart.com bill bannon

      The symbol for the Ave Maria Fund is AVEMX. They have a three star rating from Morningstar who does say however that their fees are high…1.50%. But so what. They are beating the S&P since 2006 and are at 10.11% year to date and so after fees, you’re ahead of the market year to date. Three stars is a good rating.
      Their rising dividend fund (AVEDX) is still better and has an unusual 5 stars (below average risk/high return… inter alia) from Morningstar and has been in the top ten percent of its category the last three months and is making 11.59% year to date…..which means it is probably doing better than most 401′s besides beating the market handily. It’s yield is 1.12% but due to principal appreciation of it’s positions, that beats a high risk junk bond fund of 10% yield which has depreciated in core positions at all year to date….and they are out there.
      Both above funds are beating the general market year to date. Go to bigcharts.com and put one of their above symbols in “advanced chart” (red color) and then compare it to the other symbol and to the S&P by playing with the index box on far right for the S&P and go one lower to enter 2nd ave maria symbol in next comparison blank white box. 5 stars is wonderful …..wait til market stops descending (of late) watch CNBC to get a handle on market direction. AVEDX was down .96% Friday….it is not immune to the general direction of the market….MIN from MFS can be (a closed end fund yielding over 8%)…. so check it’s chart also (very high quality corporate bonds not stocks)…3 stars. In sudden awful turns in the market, research Direxion triple shorts which can be bought to counteract your other positions going to down ( they go up three times the market down….but really not exactly 3 but less effectively if things are too bad too long….(I have two triple shorts against my own positions right now as the market is volatile….on a very bad day I would sell them if the trigger was temporary).
      Ave Maria Funds…..very good instruments which you can check at Morningstar….but always stay abreast of general market movements even if you buy them and they are good.

    • http://www.bannonoceanart.com bill bannon

      index box is on far left not far right at bigcharts.

    • Pius XIII

      The next apparition will be the sorrowful mother weeping over the profane use of her name, so callously attached to a questionable financial vehicle with absolutely no religious value whatsoever. Shame, shame, shame. The creators of this fund should be ashamed of themselves. Pray for us Our Lady of the Balanced Portfolio!

    • http://www.bannonoceanart.com bill bannon

      hurt leads to hurting….Pius….if you let it.

    • http://yimcatholic.blogspot.com Frank Weathers

      A rebuttal of sorts. A simpler, more Catholic method. Again, just my $.02.


    • http://yimcatholic.blogspot.com Frank Weathers
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