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  • Hillary Clinton’s last public role?

    by Zoe Romanowsky

    CBS news reports that Hillary Clinton’s role as Secretary of State will be her “last public position”:

    At a town hall meeting appearance in Manama, Bahrain on Friday, Clinton denied intentions to run for either president or vice president on the ticket with President Obama, who defeated her in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Some experts have also speculated that she could replace Robert Gates next year when she retires as secretary of defense.

    “I think I will serve as secretary of state as my last public position,” she said. Clinton’s career has included not only her current position as secretary of state, but also eight years in the Senate representing New York.

    I can’t imagine anyone having the energy to run for president after being Secretary of State. Just reading about her itinerary is exhausting. The only position more demanding would be president. And we see what happens when someone steps into those shoes — the hair goes white quickly. Clinton would at least be able to keep dyeing hers, but I wouldn’t blame her for saying adios to public life after this.

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    • antirino

      She is ready to “go out to pasture.”

    • somebigguy

      On the other hand, she didn’t actually do anything as secretary of state. Or as a senator from New York. If her lackluster record is any indication, she ought to be well rested. And her appearance? Nothing a tummy tuck and facelift can’t fix.