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  • The second reading from the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday is taken from an ancient homily on Christ’s descent into hell.  It begins: “Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness.  The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep.”  The King fell asleep when His soul was separated from…

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    On Barbarism and Benedict

    by Regis Martin

    For those who have the courage to plunge headlong into the great sea of history, their minds accustomed to taking long views, the attractions of Protestantism are few and never fatal.   But for those who know nothing of the past,…

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    Obama Equal Pay

    “Equal Pay” Mendacity Harms Women

    by Rachel Lu

    The Democrats made some waves last week with their proposed “Paycheck Fairness” legislation, purportedly designed to ensure that men and women get equal pay for equal work. It was heartening to see this rhetoric mostly fall flat. When the Democrats…

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    Chiara Corbella: A Witness to Joy

    by Marie Meaney

    In worldly terms, Chiara Corbella’s life was not a success story: two children dying shortly after birth, herself ravaged by an aggressive cancer, which killed her at the young age of 28, leaving a beloved husband and a small son…

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    Down the Slippery Slope: A Timeline of Social Revolution

    by R. Jared Staudt

    It is certainly not breaking news to assert that America is in cultural decline. Many aspects of this decline have been widely documented: the breakdown of the family, threats to life, and ever increasing secularization. My intent in this article…

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    Should Pope Francis have Abandoned the Trappings of His Office?

    by Dr. William Oddie

    Father Longenecker had an amusing blog last week, headlined “archbishops should live in palaces.” “I think the Pope should live in the Apostolic Palace,” he says, “and I think Archbishop Wilton [Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, who is moving out…

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    The Dictatorship of Diversity

    by William Kilpatrick

    It is a bedrock assumption of our age that diversity is a good thing—something to be encouraged and celebrated. Nowadays, for example, a good part of a college mission statement is typically devoted to extolling the institution’s diverse faculty, diverse…

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    Let us read the words of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper in Saint Matthew’s Gospel (26:26-28), adding the words of the other sacred authors on the same subject: Now as they were eating, Jesus took bread,…

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    Cincinnatus leaves the plow for the Roman dictatorship,_c.1806_de_Juan_Antonio_Ribera
    Cincinnatus leaves the plow for the Roman dictatorship,_c.1806_de_Juan_Antonio_Ribera

    More on Presidential Power as Rescuer: A Rejoinder

    by Stephen M. Krason

    Joe Hargrave’s response in Crisis to my article “Presidential Power: A Rescuer, Not a Nemesis” was thoughtful, but contained certain problematical assertions. The first was his suggestion that my call for a new American Cincinnatus—an utterly virtuous, capable, and self-limiting…

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    Salvation and Super Heroes

    by Michel Therrien

    This past weekend I enjoyed seeing the latest installment of Marvel’s Avenger franchise, Captain America: Winter Soldier. I must confess that I have a somewhat juvenile curiosity toward these recent rounds of “super” mania films. I don’t care so much…

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    Catholic Living
    St. Anne's Interior
    St. Anne's Interior

    Saving Catholic Culture from Destruction

    by Michael Tamara

    What kind of mindset built all the immigrant Catholic parishes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the Americas? Was it a way of thinking predicated on practical limitations; on being “realistic” in the mundane sense of the word? This…

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