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  • Question:  What does Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist organization, have in common with Western educators?  Answer:  Both think that Western education is sinful.  Fortunately, Western educators will not burn down your church or school with you inside as Boko Haram does to those who persist in their Western ways.  Unfortunately, the type of education provided by Western educators will leave…

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    Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

    Abortive Contraceptives and Pro-Life Rhetoric

    by Brian Simboli

    An unforeseen, positive effect of the HHS mandate’s dramatic affront to religious liberty is to have brought renewed attention to the abortive effects of contraception. But there still needs to be far more discussion of their full moral import—for social policy,…

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    christ-cross  (Albrecht Altdorfer 1520)

    And All Shall Say: Alleluia, Alleluia

    by Fr. Robert Johansen

    Throughout the world, in the Easter Sunday liturgy, Catholics sing the ancient Sequence, Victimae Paschali Laudes, or as it is known in English, “Christians, to the Paschal Victim.” The sequence offers praise to Christ, the Victor over sin and death,…

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    Peter and John Running to the Tomb 1898

    The Greatest Easter Painting Ever Made

    by Elise Ehrhard

    Tucked away in a central Parisian museum that was once a railway station, there hangs an Easter painting quite unlike any Gospel masterpiece created before or after it. It is not painted by a Rembrandt or a Rubens or the…

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    Victory for Life in Colorado

    by Terry Polakovic

     “It is from the blood of Christ that all draw the strength to commit themselves to promoting life.” — Blessed John Paul II (1995) John Paul’s statement was borne out in a poignant way this week, as men and women…

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    Duccio di Buoninsegna "Descent to Hell" 1308-11

    The Harrowing of Hell

    by David Arias

    The second reading from the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday is taken from an ancient homily on Christ’s descent into hell.  It begins: “Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. …

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    On Barbarism and Benedict

    by Regis Martin

    For those who have the courage to plunge headlong into the great sea of history, their minds accustomed to taking long views, the attractions of Protestantism are few and never fatal.   But for those who know nothing of the past,…

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    Between Geneva and Milan lies a stunning valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, containing the city of Aosta.  This tiny Italian alpine region is one of the crossroads of Europe, bordering Switzerland and France, and containing two of the most important…

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    Obama Equal Pay
    Obama Equal Pay

    “Equal Pay” Mendacity Harms Women

    by Rachel Lu

    The Democrats made some waves last week with their proposed “Paycheck Fairness” legislation, purportedly designed to ensure that men and women get equal pay for equal work. It was heartening to see this rhetoric mostly fall flat. When the Democrats…

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    Should Pope Francis have Abandoned the Trappings of His Office?

    by Dr. William Oddie

    Father Longenecker had an amusing blog last week, headlined “archbishops should live in palaces.” “I think the Pope should live in the Apostolic Palace,” he says, “and I think Archbishop Wilton [Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, who is moving out…

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    Down the Slippery Slope: A Timeline of Social Revolution

    by R. Jared Staudt

    It is certainly not breaking news to assert that America is in cultural decline. Many aspects of this decline have been widely documented: the breakdown of the family, threats to life, and ever increasing secularization. My intent in this article…

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    Catholic Living

    Chiara Corbella: A Witness to Joy

    by Marie Meaney

    In worldly terms, Chiara Corbella’s life was not a success story: two children dying shortly after birth, herself ravaged by an aggressive cancer, which killed her at the young age of 28, leaving a beloved husband and a small son…

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